Today’s Little Port Renfrew Miracle – Bambi

As I pulled my canoe onto an idylic little beach behind Adze Head I notices a doe heading down the beach and into the woods.

Deer on Adze Head beach Port Renfrew

Not such a remarkable event in my life but exploring the beach I came upon the reason she was there. She had left this little fellow

fawn on Port Renfrew beach

well hidden between two giant logs.

fawn on Port Renfrrew beach

I spent the afternoon foraging the low tide smorgasbord and checked on him periodically. He didn’t move much.

fawn on Port Renfrew beach

I had heard that does will deposit their young and go off for hours but I had never actually come across one. It was just one of those small miracles that happen all around us if we pause long enough to notice.

If You Go:

At low tide there are several small beaches where you can land your canoe or kayak about a kilometer toward the ocean from the Port Renfrew Hotel.

secluded Port Renfrew beach