Kelp Rings and other Kelp Recipes/experiments

Kelp; I love Kelp. It is so abundant. Bull kelp makes a great bugle for the kids but I want to eat it. For years I have been experimenting with ways to make it edible. Kelp rings and kelp chips really are quite edible. No seriously they really are especially with a bit of fresh caught fish on the side.

Kelp Rings served with fish

I cut the kelp stem into quarter inch disks, batter them in the same batter I use for fish and chips, usually a beer batter (beer, white flour, salt and pepper, egg).

Kelp rings

While you have your fat hot anyways why not try a few of the kelp fronds as kelp chips. Okay as long as they are hot but quickly go limp and not so good.

kelp chips

Not so great is the kelp ring without batter.

One failed experiment was a longer tube of kelp stuffed with the batter.

Kelp Tamale

As the batter expanded it squirted out the end in a rather unappetizing manner.

Kelp Tamale

I do think that would be very good stuffed with masa for a deep fried tamale. Most failures are just the stepping stone to greater successes. This one gave me the idea to use the leftover batter for donuts which were very good.

campfire donuts

If you don’t like pepper in your donuts then maybe you have never been wilderness camping with someone who forgot the chocolate.