Mexico Visa – Temporary Resident / Residente Temporal (MTRV was FM3)

Summary: The Temporary resident visa (MTRV) is needed by Canadian or US citizens if they want to stay continuously in Mexico for more than 180 days.

Updated July 2013.

Updated February 2013: Please keep in mind that the current regulations are relatively new (Nov. 2012) so you may have different experiences depending on which office you use. The following information is gleaned from many sources across the internet it is only a summary of what I believe I understand. If in doubt consult a professional or ask a question on a forum to get information about the personal experience of others. If your experience is different or suggests errors in the information presented please comment below. Sharing has served us well in the past and will help us through these changes as well.

If you need to apply for a visa or change your immigration status in any way there is an on line procedure which starts the process. That process has been translated and documented here: INM ONline Immigration Application Procedure for Visas and changes

To get this visa you must apply at a Mexican consulate outside Mexico unless you already have immigrant or non immigrant status or you are the kin of a Mexican citizen.

The cost is (updated January 2015): 1 year – $3,519 pesos
2 year – $5,272 pesos
3 year – $6,678 pesos
4 year – $7,914 pesos

It is good for 4 years after which you must either leave the country to apply for a new MTRV or convert it to a Permanent Resident Visa (MPRV) / Residente Permanente. Cost for the conversion – $1,124 pesos plus the cost of whatever documentation the current administration requires.

Work permission added to a MTRV costs $2,624 pesos.

Permission to leave Mexico and return while paperwork is in process costs $360 pesos.

If you lose your visa the replacement cost is 1,083 pesos (January 2015).

If you have non immigrant status (FM3) in its 1st or 2nd year then you can convert it to a temporary resident visa at the time of renewal of your status without leaving the country.

If your non immigrant status (FM3) is in its 3rd or 4th year then you will have to convert it to a permanent resident visa or leave the country. You can apply for a change in status 6 month prior to it’s expiry.

The MPRV can be purchased for up to 4 years without having to renew it annually.

There is a minimum income requirement for getting this visa in the range of 2,000 US$ per month or US$102,000 of investments for each individual. You may be required to prove this with bank statements but the INM offices have the discretion to use a combination of assets including real estate to arrive at an equivalency. The idea is that you should be financially self sufficient.

You cannot have a foreign plated vehicle in Mexico under this status.  This has caused a great deal of controversy and there may be some grace period or changes to this regulation. (June 2013 comment) This is still a hot topic of debate. Some people are getting renewals of their temporary Import Permits when they gain their Temporal status but it is expected that that may only last for a while as the attitude of the government seems to be that it will not be permitted especially if you have some income associated with your status. Only time will tell. (July 2013 comment) It is still debatable and being debated but it appears that until the tax law (Ley Aduano) is changed you can get a temporary import permit. Best to ask a professional to help you with this.

You must inform the INM of the following changes within 90 days of their occurrence:


This document can only be renewed within 30 days prior to expiry.

If your document should expire while outside the country then you have 55 days to reenter Mexico and 5 days to get to an INM office. If you don’t do that your document is no longer valid.

The time to get the document approved is estimated at 20 working days and then it has to go the Mexico City for issuance which is another 2 to 3 weeks.

When you apply for your MTRV at a consulate they will give you a visa good for 30 days. Once you enter Mexico you have 5 days to go to a INM office to continue the process. Apparently some consulates give longer periods for the visa. Up to 180 days have been reported.

Additional Resources:

I have always found the Mexconnect forum extremely useful.

The actual regulations are here in Spanish:

See also Mark’s comment on how to calculate the investment requirement below.

New Non immigrant resident card and old FM3 booklet


user image Mikhail Branski

I have been going through the Immigration bureaucracy….and it is crazy. I am getting my Temporary Residency Renewal…which is somehow more confusing and complex than that last year which was my first time applying for it.

In thinking about it…I realized that I just made a mistake. There is almost NO BENEFIT to paying for it UNLESS you just want to get permanent residency ultimately.

In this case, just pay for four years…and avoid the horrific trauma of going to Immigration offices and dealing with staff who are incompetent and poor communicators, who can be rude….and who can treat you differently depending on the whether that person likes you or actually cares.

If you are on a Tourist Visa….you can overstay the six month period….and when you depart the country (at least if you pass through Mexico City), you simply go to the Immigration office they have there…and pay a VERY SMALL PENALTY (HONEST!!!!).

I think I paid something like 200 pesos or so for overstaying six months!!!!!

Almost no one knows this and they fly to Guatemala or leave the country.

Another method is to travel to Belize and pay the Immigration Customs person a bribe and he will stamp a new card. A friend told he she did this.

In effect, I wasted time, energy, money, anxiety….getting a Temporary Residency thinking it actually meant something…..when in reality it means ALMOST NOTHING. Like I say….you can pay a penalty for overstaying your visa….and it is like $10-$15!!!!

So, again, if you want Temporary Residency….ask yourself WHY??? There is no real incentive to do so…..

user image Liz

I agree with you. So much easier to just remain in the “tourist visa” status which is Free and come and go as you please….and it’s cheap to fly to the us from most major cities.

user image CHARLIE


Fecha Estatus Trámite Ubicación
04/09/2015 El trámite ha sido registrado Delegación Federal en Distrito Federal
07/09/2015 Ha sido asignado el tipo de trámite Delegación Federal en Distrito Federal
10/09/2015 Se emitió oficio Delegación Federal en Distrito Federal
10/09/2015 Notificado Delegación Federal en Distrito Federal
01/10/2015 Registro de alcance Delegación Federal en Distrito Federal

user image Johan

Sorry Charlie but that depends very much on which office you attend. Currrently it is taking about 2 weeks for a renewal in Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit.

user image Gabriele Rogers

My husband and I are living in Mexico with a 180 day visa and want to apply for a FM3 visa. Our monthly combined income is $2,000 plus cash in the bank. Is it enough for the income requirement to be eligible for the FM3 visa? Thank you.

user image jonathan

how long does it take to get the resident card? I went in and got fingerprinted by INM and received a CURP and was told to wait 2 weeks to recieve the permanent resident card.. but now it has been 26 days and all I see on their website is
Resolución: Sin Resolución

Expedición de documento migratorio por canje

Los estatus del trámite son los siguientes:

10/09/2015 El trámite ha sido registrado Delegación Federal en Baja California
10/09/2015 Ha sido asignado el tipo de trámite Delegación Federal en Baja California
10/09/2015 Un pago ha sido registrado Delegación Federal en Baja California
10/09/2015 Se emitió oficio Delegación Federal en Baja California
10/09/2015 Registre los datos para la expedición de su documento migratorio Delegación Federal en Baja California

user image jonathan

it has been 35 days now and no progress after they took the money (over $4500 pesos) for the INM.. absolutely nothing is happening I feel deserted after I was told to wait “just 2 weeks” to receive my resident card.. I did this to save over the long run because before I was getting 6 month visiting visas and visiting California to get my…lunch…etc I am Trapped in Mexico waiting for a card as Before I could at least have my freedom to go between countries and without restrictions (waiting for a card and can’t leave at all) I SURRENDER.. any-one have any ideas to expediate INM before I walk away and travel to a place where I wont feel misled or lied to?

user image Johan

Johanathan there is a permit to exit and return while you are in process. Maybe ask INM for one of those.

user image jonathan

the Tijuana INM office relocated the previous day that I submitted fingerprints . because of this there is a back-log while they get re-organized and was told to wait another week.. it will be 5 weeks to get the card. so if any1 is goin through this there expect about a month delay in processing resident ID cards

user image CP

I went to a Mexican Embassy here in the States with the required income verification and was issued a permanent resident visa the same day?????

user image F. Taylor

Now you have to return to Mexico within the time indicated on the card they pasted in your U.S. passport

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user image michael snyder

My residente temporal card was damaged- dog chewed on the corners. Do I need to get this replaced or is it okay?

user image jonathan

i use a po box in the usa to receive mail can i use my po box mailing address for the mexican consulate permanent visa forms? i do reside in mexico but get my mail in usa and would just like to be here legally without any paperwork hasstles… thanx is there a usa physical address requirement on the mexican visa form for someone that can afford to and does not want to live in the usa as a US citizen

user image jonathan

update: the Mexican consulate said its ok to use a usa post office address because they wanted a Mexican lease agreement or house documents for the visa application (but I also used a physical USA address that I use just to be sure before I asked them)

user image jonathan

i live in mexico and am goin back to san diego cali.. i am a us citizen how long is the process at the consolate …ie go there with forms filled out… then get an appointment for a visa BEFORE i can return to my rental in mexico and then work on the permanent resident at INM? how many days should i expect to stay in the USA to deal with the mexican consulate? i dont want to take too much of my perscribed meds into the usa/mexico even though they are legal in both countries

user image Dale


As long as you have all the documents and photos for your visa, obtained next door to the Consulate in San Diego….and you have an appointment. You will do you paperwork in the morning and come back 3 to 4 hours later to do final paperwork and be issued the Visa. It all happens the same day.

user image jonathan

the consulate was fast and I asked them if it was ok to return to mexico while wating for their appointment (it is allowed) I went to the appointment and was done there quickly with a sticker visa in my passport… but now I am waiting for the permanent resident card and it has been a little over 3 weeks after the fingerprints I am thinking about goin back there to check the status because I don’t see any changes online after I paid them and have the CURP/NUT

user image James

Exactly how does one properly cancel and return a Residente Temporal once no longer residing in Mexico and can this be done through a consulate in another country, or only when in Mexico?


user image

What’s up, just wanted to mention, I loverd this article. It wass funny.
Keep on posting!

user image Steve B

I am on disability.$1340.00 a month. What’s the cost of the visa I need to check out the places I might won’t to live.can I rent a place on a 180 day visa also can I drive my car doing in Mexico.
Thank You

user image Andy

I have worked with many companies with FM3 as a work permit , my fm3 exp 2012 i then returned home to the UK . Now i want to go back to work is there any way to get the new work visa temporal,inside Mexico,issued. So i don’t have to fly back . I have my sponsor employer in place to send letter etc .Other wise it takes far to long waiting in the UK then have to travel to the London Embassy …This new way is so much crappy then the old FM3,.
The New way is losing them much more in Trade then making them it in Fees.
Help please i need to go back to work asap

user image Paige

Hi, I am currently residing in Mexico going back and forth on the FMM tourist visa every 180 days. I live with my boyfriend and his family and although I love visiting my family every 6 months, it’s very costly and tiresome. I know getting married is the easiest way to do it, but my boyfriend is in school still so money’s tight. Since I am not living in the US anymore, I am not working and I do not have a monthly income. Is there any way to work around that if my intentions are to work and live in Mexico and already have a job lined up for me? Or is the only other option marriage or to have children (which is also not in the plans for a while!) Also, how long would the process take in the US before being able to enter Mexico again?

Thank you!


user image Chrissy

I spoke with the Mexican Consulate yesterday and he informed me that when you enter as a tourist, you can stay for 180 days BUT you are ONLY allowed to stay 180 days PER year. I had hoped to do as you are doing Paige, but apparently 180/365 is the maximum allowed. How are you doing this??

user image

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user image

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user image kahask

My daughter is living in mexico city. she has a mexican birth certificate and a u.s. passport. her 180 day visa on her u.s. passport has expired. Does she need a mexican passport now to go back to the states?

user image Lauren


My Argentinian boyfriend has an FM3. I am American. Both of us are Scuba Instructors. I am having a hard time finding a way to get an FM3 through a diving company. If we get married, do I get permission to live in Mexico without the visa that expires in 180 days? Also can I get an FM3? How long would theFM3 take to get once married?


user image Tzctjalt

I was going trough the rules in another website and they favour explicitly the support of what is named “family life” when taking into consideration if somebody can or can’t stay in the country,

A soon as you get married I think your husband to be would need to inform immigration about his change of status in order to renew his visa (no longer called FM3) and then they would issue a ruling.

In all honestly you need to contact a local immigration expert, your case is more complicated than a neophyte like me can help you with.

user image Susan

If I meet the retirement requirements, can I change from temporary resident to permanent resident after 1 year of temporary residence? I also previously had a temporary resident for 4 years, but started over with temporary resident again until I could remove my foreign-plated vehicle.

user image Tzctjalt

If it was your first visa I don’t think so, the rules are very explicit about the residence requirements to obtain an upgrade.

Since you had the status before your case is different from most, you will need to check with a local immigration lawyer.

user image Jasmine Broad


My boyfriend and I are going through the process of getting a Temporary Permanent Residency Visa. We both have contractual work with a company in Vancouver, Canada where we will be having a monthly salary coming in during our stay in Mexico which will be a couple of years.

My question is, once we get the approval of the Temporary Permanent Residency Visa, and we arrive in Mexico, when we visit the INM Office to finish the TPR visa process, do we have to again show our bank statements, and all the information regarding economic solvency and anything else we needed to show for the application process?

Thank you,


user image Harry

Can we talk if you don;t mind . I am also on the same boat as you . So need direction if you already had your process cleared

user image Auria

I am considering retiring in Mexico, once granted a temp. residency can I move all my belongs with me ? Is there an import tax? Can I take my 2014 vehicle or wilI I need to sell it? One last question, should I apply for a temporary residency on my own or is it best to hire an immigration specialist? -Thanks

user image Jose Leon

Once you get your visa from the consulate and enter Mexico you will have 30 days to go to the immigration (INM) and exchange “canje” your visa for the actual residency card. This process takes up to a month and half. You will also need to apply for a CURP (similar to the SSN as it is a unique identifying number per person). With this two items you can lease or “buy” property.

The reason why I mentioned the previous is that once you received the visa from the Mexican embassy or consulate you are pretty much granted residency in Mexico. You can choose to bring your stuff at that point to Mexico but almost everyone requests the CURP now. Without this number it might be difficult to lease or “buy” property. Therefore, you may need to store your belongings. My suggestion is wait until you have your residency card, curp and have found a place before you bring your goods.

As for your belongings, you can apply for a menaje at the consulate or Mexican embassy. There is is no import tax for the items (restrictions apply so Google these: example electronics have to be six months owned at least,etc.). How ever you will need to hire a Mexican custom broker for around 600 to 1000 usd to do this procedure. Note: Mexico is 110v, reason why I mention is that many homes in usa or Canada use applied ces such as range or dryer that are 220v.

Regarding 2014 car, you can temporarily import your car into Mexico. The duration of the permit is the same as your legal authorization to stay in Mexico. This is can only be done as a temporary residet. Note: if your car has only one license plate cops tend to stop vehicles like frecuently (my case) ad I have to explain how in the USA states are required sometimes to have one. It is a magnet to get stopped…

As for a lawyer you can do it on your own as long as you meet the criteria. But be prepared to wait long times and lines once in Mexico. We did it on our own and all is great.

user image Jose Leon

Let me clarify the menaje a little more. It has very little cost to apply at the embassy or consulate. The real issue is that in order to import your goods into Mexico under a menaje a Mexican customs broker charges between 600 to 1000 to do this.
If you hire a moving company to relocate your goods, more than likely their fee will include this item but confirm it with them.

user image Corey

I work and live primarily in San Diego, but bought a house on a land lease in Mexico several years ago. My fm3 is expired, & I’m not sure what the current requirement is if I own property in Mexico but visit usually one day a week. Seems like I need the MTRV to replace the FM3?

user image Lawrence

Hello. I have a US permanent resident card and am living in San Diego. I’d frequent Tijuana constantly and would love to rent a place there being cheaper. Can I apply for a Mexican Temporary Resident Card without affecting my US permanent resident status?

user image sportsmanlike

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user image Dr Barbara

I am interested in living in Mexico, however, my husbands social security and mine together only comes to around $1700/month. We are planning to sell our home in the US and will expect to have well over $100,000 in the bank. I am assuming we cannot apply for a temporary resident visa – is that correct?

I was wondering, if we had a 6 month visitor visa, would it be possible to leave Mexico at the end of every 180 days, and then return and renew the tourist visa? If so, is there a limit to the number of times that could be done?

Also, if we came in on a tourist visa and bought a house, for say $85,000, would that change the amount of money required to apply for a temporary visa?
THanks for any help you can extend to us. We are finding this rather confusing – every site seems to say something different.

user image Jan

Hi Johan,
I would like to apply for a temporary resident visa but I’m not going to work for a Mexican company. I will earn my money online through an online business. It might be less than 2000 USD a month though. Do you know if there is a way to make this work?

Thanks so much for your help

user image ashley

Someone just told me FM3 is $35 american if i am married. Is this true. This website says different.

user image Johan

Ashley perhaps if you are married to a Mexican citizen but otherwise no. Marital status does not alter what you pay. I am not sure what the cost is for spouses of Mexican citizens.

user image Taylor

I am 21, unmarried, and want to move to Mexico in December of this year. Am I able to move to Mexico and then apply for a temporary residence visa or do I have to apply for the visa before entering Mexico?

user image Taylor

Ok, thank you. Do you think I would be approved for a MTRV? I understand that they want people to be financially self-sufficient but I am getting ready to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree (I only work part time now) and my plan is to move to Mexico and work there.

user image Holly T

Hi Taylor

Doing exactly the same as you!

I’m off to Mexico for 2 weeks at the end of the month to hunt for work in person, with the plan of living there by the end of this year. As far as I understand, the employer needs to begin the FM3 paperwork for you and you have to be in your home country to process the visa at your local Mexican consulate (a huge pain as I’m based in the UK), so it’s a bit back and forth.

I’m a recent graduate too and it’s a pain trying to save for the airfares but it has to be done!

user image Mackenna

I just got married to a Mexican National, I want to get temp. residence. How can I do that from where I am in Tijuana?? I don’t have a 180 day visa either. Please any advice would be great!

Also we want to get him a visa for the U.S do I have to get my temp. residence first??
Is it easier to get him a visa to cross over since were married??

user image Tzctjalt

You could inquire about acquiring Mexican citizenship, it is a right you have as soon as you marry a Mexican citizen.

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user image Ronald Frost

My wife and I just recently obtained our Residente Temporal and my wife accidently lost hers. In your article it says you can get a replacement for 1080 pesos. Can that be? We weere told you have to start completely over in the process.

user image Trevor

Im married to a Mexican , and I i was thinking on opening a business there, do I need some type of visa to be able to do this

user image Tzctjalt

The Mexican Constitution says you have the right to become Mexican citizen, at that point you can do anything you want in Mexico.

I would inquire about that as well if you don’t mind having double nationality.

user image Lucie

You can apply for a visa through your husband showing the papers that say you’re married. same as when mexican people marry a us citizen and then get the green card. After that, for creating a business, you must follow the laws that apply to mexican citizens

user image Mac

I’m a US citizen I’m Mexico on a 180 day visa. After 180 day is it required that I return to US or can I go to another country? When can I return?

user image George

It’s my understanding that you just have to leave the country, and Mexico doesn’t care if you’re going to Central/South America, the Caribbean, the U.S. — wherever. You’re supposed to surrender your 180-day visa upon departure to close it out.

You can probably return whenever you like. You’ll just need to have your U.S. passport, complete another 180-day visa and have it validated/date stamped at your point of entry.

user image Arthur Barker

Generally it is true that if you leave the Republic of Mexico and return from any country you can be re-issued another 180 day tourist visa; however, there have been instances where entering from Guatemala that the Mexican officials will only issue a 90 day tourist visa.

user image michaev

I been married to a mexican national for 2 years I Will be retiring in mexico in her home town. Can I apply for a temporary resident visa in mexico or do I need to apply outside of mexico at a mexican consulate?

user image Tzctjalt

The Mexican Constitution grants you Mexican Citizenship, keep that in mind when talking to a lawyer.

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user image Tom

Hi, I am from the UK and have lost my 1 year visa to be in Mexico. I arrived in January and am leaving in just over 3 weeks. I have been advised to go to the agencia del turista to get a constancia del hechos and all I need to take along is my passport a week before I am due to leave. I am just a little concerned as I do not have a photocopy or anything of the original Visa and whether this is going to cause me problems leaving the country and whether it is going to cost me any money??

user image Kyle

I don”t know if this will show on the page here but I have the same situation. Wallet was stolen and I need to leave for Christmas. When you find an answer could you email me at It would be much appreciated.

user image Char

This is a great site! I have been hired in Mexico by a small company and they have started the process of sponsoring me so that I can get my temporary visa and also a work permit. I have a husband and 4 children who will move with me. Because I am being sponsored will my family be able to also get their temporary visas at the same time? Or will it be easier once I have my temporary visa to get them Temp visas as well? We all will be living in Mexico indefinitely at this point so we will need to get the correct papers.

Thank you for your help!

user image ali

im from morocco im married mexican girl since one year and i want to join to my wife in mexico but i heart some people said we need two years married but i know some people without only six month marriage and get visa i ask you please which doucuments need my wife for my visa

user image Tzctjalt

The Mexican Constitution grants you the right to become a Mexican Citizen, this is something to keep in mind when dealing with your situation,

I don;t think you need to wait for anything, it is a matter of paperwork, but I am not a lawyer.

user image Lucie

birth certificate, your passport and the papers that say you’re married. if you have evidence such as pictures from the wedding, those are useful too. Basically bring all paper that says who you and your wife are. As far as I am concerned, you don’t have to wait two years

user image Michael Howard

What is the earliest I can apply for my permanent visa from my temporary visa in TJ? Also any idea of the cost and requirements. I know the law is constantly changing.

user image Ted

I currently have a Work visa FM3 that is expiring. I want to continue to work in Mexico. Do I need to leave the country to then re-apply for a new Entry visa and then a new FM3 and if so how long do I need to be out of the country to re-apply? Or is the only option transitioning to a permanent Visa situation?

user image Becky

We obtained our Temporary Residency last year (2013) which was issued for only one year. It is good thru 10/19/14. I understand we will need to go to Mexico to renew it before October 19th of this year. Can we renew it anywhere in Mexico or only in the state (in our case, Sinaloa) where it was issued? Do you know if we can pay in full for the next 3 years in advance so we don”t have to come to Mexico each year in October for it to be renewed?

user image games of racing cars

Incredible points. Outsstanding arguments. Keepp up the good work.

user image Muhammad irfan

Hi sir I did married recently with Mexican .I have a problem right now please guide me which visa I can apply now FM 2 or FM3 or something other .and where I can get visa application form for this to submit an application for visa .please help me in this case thanks

user image sarah

I have been married to a Mexican citizen for 12 years and our 2 kids were born in the US but, we registered them so they have duel citizenship. My husband is a US permanent resident eligible for US citizenship but with things here in the US getting more and more difficult to make ends meet we have considered going back to Mexico before he is ready to retire. I was looking at this site and the INM site but, I am confused on the process I would need to go through as wife of a Mexican citizen and mother to duel citizen children. Do I apply directly for MPRV and after 2yrs with that apply for citizenship or do I need to start with the MTRV and how long till I apply for MPRV. My husband said he would send us first then he would come later….we really want to both have duel citizenship so we can go back and forth as we please because of our children….because as they grow up it is their choice which country they want to make their life in. Any info would be great.

user image Natalia J.

Because you are married to a Mexican national and you have children together, you are eligible to apply for your Mexican Permanent Resident Card. Go to your nearest Immigration office, and they will give you a checklist of all the things you need to submit with your application. After receiving that checklist, I would advise you go to a reputable and honest Immigration consultant, so that they can assist you in detail, step by step.

I, too, am a married to a Mexican national, although, I am a temporary resident of Mexico. When we went to Immigration, we asked if I qualify for permanent resident application, and right away, they asked if we had children. Because we don”t, I only qualified for temporary residency. The officer old us that if we did have children, I could automatically apply for my permanent residency.

When you go to Immigration, go with your family. Bring your passport, original marriage certificate, as well as passports and original birth certificates of your kids. As soon as you get called up to the counter, tell them that you want to apply to become a permanent resident. They will ask if you have kids, and then you can inquire further from there as to what the requirements are.

Hope this helps!

user image Tzctjalt

Yes, that is correct, but something else very few people are aware off is that once you marry a Mexican you are actually granted Mexican citizenship, you just have to follow up whatever paperwork they throw at you, but it is an automatic right, no ifs, no buts.

user image keith

I intend to apply for temporary residence visa for mexico .
How much do i need to show going in my bank monthly???

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user image Amanda


I have a temporary resident visa here in Mexico which I will be changing for a permanent one next year. I have had no issues getting my visas as I got into the program before the change in 2012 and am self employed via the internet.

I haven´t left the country in more than 5 years and now I must return to my country for some months. Is there any restriction on how long I can leave the country for with this visa? I am hoping to go for a 3 month trip.

Regards and Thanks,

user image Teri

Im planning on retiring in mexico and have done a lot of research but am still unclear about a few items. Can I apply for my fm2 from us before I ever enter mexico permanatly without a permanent address in mexico?

user image Johan

Yes you must start the process at a consulate outside Mexico. You will need to prove you are in residence once you get here to continue the application process.

user image Aiste

I want to move to Mexico, but I’m having trouble grasping the whole idea of visas. Can the tourist visa be exchanged into the temporary residency visa? What about the work visa? Should I take care of it prior to coming? Does it make a difference if I am from Lithuania (Europe)? Thanks for your time!

user image Johan

Yes you need to start at a Mexican consulate in your home country. Most of the information you find on this site is intended for Canadians and Americans so yes there are differences for non North Americans.

user image pete

I have a temp residency and i am eligible too apply for permanent residency , my temp expires on may 20th but i want to be in Canada for 2 months starting on the 20th, can i start the process now before my expiry . anywhere else in the world allows you to apply for a new visa or drivers license up too 3 months before it expires, the immigration office is telling me i have to wait until it expires , well i want to be at my other job in Canada at that time. anyone know if there is a way to start my application for permanent resident right away thanks

user image Johan

Pete: Unfortunately local offices have a lot of latitude to interpret the rules so I don’t think you will have much luck and you have probably already tried to explain your situation to them. You may be able to get a professional to do it for you by signing all the forms before you leave. Ask around locally for someone who does that kind of work.

user image JO


I am moving to Mexico in April and just received my residencia temporal. It says “Refer to immigration office”

With this visa – WouldI be able to do any professional services or would I need to apply for another visa as well when I am in Mexico?

Also my visa is only for 6 months and not 4 years 🙁

Many thanks

user image Johan

Jo: If you got a visa at a consulate it is not a residente temporal visa. It is an entry visa so you can start the process of getting your temporal. You must report to INM within 30 days of arriving in Mexico to complete the process.

user image Susan

Do you know of anyone who has turned in their temporary resident and reapplied in the USA at the Mexican Consulate if they did not want to go to permanent resident? Do you know if you turn in the card at the airport upon departure? I’m wondering how much time would be required between the time it was turned in and when you could apply at the consulate and if this would cause any problems.

user image Johan

We have no reports yet of anyone doing it but my understanding is that you just let it lapse. After it has expired you should be able to get your entry visa to get a new Temporal. It appears that some offices are requiring that you can get it for only one year in the first year. We have reports of this from someone using the Nuevo Vallarta office.

user image Steve

I am an American dealing with a Mexican Resort Hotel Company who chose to hire me for a job in Mexico.They started by sending an employee description of the job and asked for things from me such as a certificate for occupation along with reference letter and processing fees. The told me the fees go to register myself to a board and authorization process. They are trying to process my docs and give me a contract to work in Mexico. Is this normal protocol for a company in Mexico to ask for fees upfront, for employment without meeting face to face? They are now trying to employ me without seeing the job, but sent me a contract to review and sign and saying we are almost done. Please send additional fees of $—- and fill out a physical fform to make sure you are healthy Your paperworks and insurance will be processes after you pay

Please give your opinion.

user image Laura

As a Mexican citizen I advise anybody to not fall into scams. follow your instincts and do not sent any money at front to any company or person that said is going to help you, even if it looks legit. That’s a scam! Mexico is a huge place and police there don’t take this claims seriously because they happened every minute. If someone is offering you a job would ask for a telephone interview at their cost and you usually have to pass trough different interviews. Lot of professional Mexicans speak English so you should not have a problem communicating. Don’ t let the scamers get you!

user image Johan

Steve this sounds like a scam to me. If you are not able to ABSOLUTELY confirm the legitimacy of the contact I suggest you not send any money.

user image Wanda

I am married to a Mexican citizen. I will be getting a temporary visa. My question is…do I have to go to the border every six month to renew my canadian plated vehicle? I live in mazatlan. Presently, I have an import sticker for my vehicle for 180 days and I really don’t want to make that trip to the border twice a year after I get my temporary visa

user image Johan

As long as your Temporary visa is renewed your TIP import sticker is also renewed so you need to enter once with the Temporary Visa and inform Aduana each time you renew your MTRV. A professional may be able to do the paperwork so you do not have to return to the border to renew even that first time.

user image janet

We live in mazatlan. We have a temporal residente until Nov/2014. Foreign plated vehicle is still good until that date. We broke our windshield and need it replaced. Only problem is the sticker that you get at the border will not come off, so what do we do because of the new windshield. We can still have the number part of the sticker and the papers. Is that good enough if we got stopped by the police

user image Johan

I would try to keep as much of the sticker on the broken windshield in the trunk to sh but my guess is that without it attached to the vehicle it is probably invalid. Better ask for professional advise.

user image Tom

I reside in Mexico. My residente temporal expired on 14 December 2013. Working on the assumption that if it had expired I would need to begin the process all over again, I got a 180 day visa when reentering Mexico on January 21, 2014 assuming that because I had missed the expiration date, my residente temporal was no longer valid. Now I read here “If your document should expire while outside the country then you have 55 days to reenter Mexico and 5 days to get to an INM office.” Although my 55 days are not up, I have clearly missed the five day window. I still haven’t surrendered my old residente temporal card. When I go to the immigration office on my 180 day visa, will I be subject to a fine for not having appeared there sooner? What is my best course of action?

user image Johan

Sorry Tom but I think that will depend on the local office you use. My guess is no but the only way to know is go and check with INM.

user image Susan

I just applied for my temporary visa and was told about the 3200 pesos for the visa and 1200 pesos for the attorney helping me. When I signed the application I was told I had to pay immigration an extra 1000 pesos to review my application. I have never heard of this, nor can I find anything on line about it? I was also told I can only apply for my 1 year visa first then I can apply for a 3 year? Does this sound right?

user image Johan

Those numbers sound pretty close but my understanding is that you can apply for the full 4 years first time.

user image Susan

Thank you, I thought I could do a four year also, but they insist that I have to do the one year first. Out of a few dozen people who have gotten their temporary resident cards, not a single one of them was asked to pay a review fee, including my husband.

user image Daniel

I am presently a Canadian Citizen working for a company that allows me to work remote. Am I eligible to obtain a visa to live in Mexico since I have a job already that exceeds the minimum 2k$ per month that I have seen indicated. If I have a visa I believe that I would pay taxes in Mexico instead of Canada if indeed I am there for over the 180 day maximum a year maximum as determined by Canada, is this correct?

Thank you for your help!


user image frank

Hi Daniel,

It looks like I’ll be doing the same thing. I’m not sure if you followed through with moving to Mexico for work but if you can share some insight and your experience I would greatly appreciate it!

user image Laura

as far as I know, you have to pay taxes in both places, but only pay to Mexico the number of days that you were there and to Canada as well. I know it sounds complicated but if you keep track of the days and money making it should not be that difficult for an accountant to do it. I suggest you use one who has done this work before. Keep all your receipts including, rent you pay in Mexico and other expenses you may still have in Canada. If you have surpass the 180 days living in Mexico without being back in Canada, yes you do have to pay Mexico taxes instead of Canada. I hope this help.

user image Johan

Best to ask a Canadian accountant Daniel. I believe it is a bit more complicated than just being out of the country for a certain number of days. As I understand it you have to sever most ties with Canada like having a home there for example.

user image Scott Mickelson

I have been offered a job by a Mexican importer in Guadalajara, I currently do not have a visa. I was wondering 1. What kind of visa will I be needing? 2. What are the steps to apply for this visa? 3. How long will it take?

I am currently residing in the states the Mexican company would like me to make the move down in June, but they currently have no foreign nationals working for them and have left it up to me to apply for and obtain a visa. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

user image Johan

Scott: It would be a temporary residency with permission to work I believe. You will need to start that process as described at a Mexican consulate in your area so best ask them what extra you need.

user image Scott Mickelson

Thank you so much for the response. I will get ahold of the consulate tomorrow and get the ball rolling.

user image priya

My fiancé is working in mexico and holds an FM3. We are getting married in August and I would be moving to Bangalore. I would like to work there once I move to mexico. Please let me know how I can apply for FM3.

user image Jasmine


I’m trying to help my friend get a temporary residency card. He applied for and received his temporary residency visa at the Mexican Consulate in the United States and we remember them instructing us to get his temporary residency card within 30 days after entering Mexico or else the temporary residency visa he received would be invalid if he left Mexico and tried to come back in with that same visa.

Does anybody know how we would go about getting his residency card so that he is able to leave and come back to Mexico anytime?

Any help is much appreciated 🙂



user image Jasmine

Hi Johan,

Thank you for the next step we need to take to help my friend get his residency card 🙂

So after he starts this process for obtaining his residency card, is he required to stay in Mexico for however long it takes him to receive his residency card?

I’ve heard it could take up to 3-5 weeks and I’d think it may even take longer since we’re here during the holiday seasons.

The reason I ask is because we didn’t plan to stay in Mexico for that long.



user image Johan

Jasmine. Yes and sometimes longer depending which office you are using….you are most welcome.
After he has put in the application he can get a permission to exit and reenter which is exactly for the situation you describe.
Getting the permission also starts with the online procedure….J

user image Kim

I currently live and am a citizen of Canada. I have been in contact with a small company that plans to hire me. They said they have gone through the process of registering themselves with the immigration so they can hire foreigners, but my question is, how long does it take for them to get approved? I have been waiting a couple months now and think this is a little absurd for me to wait this long. Is there anything I can or should do on my end to speed up the process?

user image Johan

Kim: I am not aware of anything you can do to speed it up except talk to your potential employer. I am not familiar with any time line for the process.

user image Nadine

Hi Johan,
I am a business owner in Canada – planning on driving to and spending a year in Mexico with my 15 year old son. During this time I will continue working with my staff and clients remotely. What kind of visa do you think I will require?
Many thanks – lots of great information here!

user image Johan

Sounds like you are working online and should not need permission to work if you are not competing with locals for their livelihood. You will need to apply at your local consulate for a Temporary Residency. However if it is only a one time thing it may be less expensive to plan to cross the border and renew your tourist visa before its 180 day expiry. You can do that any umber of times.

user image Diane Diaz

I reside in Mexico and cross daily to work in Texas. I never applied for temp resident card as my plan was to fix my husbands status ASAP and return. I due to receive an inheritance from my deceased fathers estate approx $30k. Do I have to pay taxes since I reside in Mexico? And what papers should I submitt to show I reside in Mexico. I have a US Passport and Texas mailing address for correspondence.
Please help!
Thank you.

user image Johan

I believe American pay taxes on all of their worldwide income but You better talk to a local accountant since I am not familiar with estate taxes in the US or Texas.

user image Mark Mogan

Is there anyway to get around the minimum income requirments for temp residency? Im on disability and only earn $1522 a month and only have $10,000 in savings.

user image Don

We know Mark can live well on 1522. mo. plus have a better quality of life. He needs a relative or friend to place $90k in his acct. containing $10k. Leave it there long enough to generate new statement. He’ll take new statement to consulate, get his temp. resident visa good for 4 yrs, and promptly return the 90k. (I’d return 91k, but that’s between Mark and his Lender)

user image Tim L.

Mark – I just went through the new process with an American wife and daughter and the Orlando consulate. The guy we dealt with wanted to see an average income via my checking account of AT LEAST $4,000 a month and the guy remarked that it would be quick if the amount were over $5,000. We had to bring 12 months of notarized bank statements. He didn’t even look at our assets, even though we certainly have more than $126K there between two retirement funds and real estate owned free and clear in Mexico. I feel sure we would not have been approved with $3,000 a month for the three of us since I am not retired. I’ve seen similar stories on expat forums—there’s a lot of local leeway it seems.

user image Barbara

this entire issue is a nightmare. We were at the consulate in NYC yesterday, showed bank statements indicating monthly balances of about $22,000 US dollars. We were told that since this was a joint account, we needed to prove balances of that amount for each of us, making our monthly checking statement about $44,000 US dollars. We asked if that was the amount in pesos. We asked if that was the ANNUAL total, not monthly. We were told that it was not. We are beyond frustrated.

user image rotatopoti

The first two categories for renewal as seen on the website are

Below 1500
1500 – 4000
I suspect that 1500 – 4000 is the base amount without any rigmarole. I cant imagine that someone can have a problem living on 1500 dollars a month in Mexico. You can survive on way less.

user image Ashley


I’m hoping to move to Mexico in February to be with my girlfriend (A Mexican national). I am a recent Graduate and am currently doing a TEFL course. My Spanish is basic, and i have no job offer in Mexico, I currently work a minimum wage job here. I hope to teach English in Mexico but i’m not sure what Visa to apply for, ‘residente’ seems like the best option but i’m not sure if my circumstances will go in my favour, how difficult will it be for me to get the visa? I can have money sent to me from the UK and my girlfriend will support me in Mexico until i find a job.

user image Johan

For Temporary Resident status you will have to prove that you have sufficient income to support yourself. If you were married to a Mexican that would be different. You should check the requirements for common law relationships because that may get you a similar situation as married. If you enter as a tourist and can then take advantage of having a Mexican partner you would not have to leave the country to apply for Temporary Residency when your tourist visa expires. The problem is I am not sure how a common law relationship is defined but I have seen mention of it being similar to marriage as far as getting residency status.

user image Philip Morgan

Hi if someone could answer this query I’d be very grateful. I have a temporary resident card giving me permission to work here for a year. I’ve been in my job for 6 months, I really want to leave and work somewhere else in Mexico. Does anyone know how the visa is connected to the employer? Would I need to get my new employer to change the company associated with the visa and if so what’s the procedure?

Please help!!

user image Brian

No visa is connected to a specific employer. You have the right to stay and work – it doesn’t matter where you stay or who you work for. What you’ll need to do is get a letter (on a company letterhead) from your new prospective employer offering you the new job. You take that to immigration and have the change of employment (and change of your address, if applicable) registered. It’s the same for anyone (residente temporal or permanente). They all have to report changes in employment status to the INM. I don’t know if this has a cost, but I expect it will.

user image kathya

I’m leaving to mexico to live. I was wondering whaybyear dowa the vehicle jave to be in order to get legalized over there?

user image Jenna

hi I arrived in mexico nov’12 applied for a fm3 as im working here for 1 year, I was told to collect my fm3 card around February however around that time I moved from cancun to playa del Carmen and still haven’t collected my actual card, will it still be there for me to collect or will I have to apply for a new visa??

user image Johan

Sorry Jenna only the office where it was to be picked up will be able to answer that as each office seems to have their own internal policies regarding that sort of function.

user image drewbkk

Just looking for some advice.

I’m Australian planning to apply for an MTRV in Bangkok where I currently work. I don’t currently hold any visa for Mexico.

Is it just a matter of going into the embassy visa office in Bangkok with the required photos, bank statements etc, to do the application there?
Reason I ask is that I noticed that earlier there was a comment that all visa applications needed to begin with an on-line application – but when I looked at the on-line system I didn’t see any option for a totally new MTRV application, all the options seemed to do with changes to existing visas or associated details.
Any help appreciated!
Thanks, Andrew

user image Johan

Looking through the options I see what you mean Andrew. I tried to find something under extend your stay which is what happens once you have the visa issued by the consulate. You change it to an MTRV but I don’t see anything that clearly says that in the on line application either. You will have to ask the consulate but I believe the on line application is only for dealing with INM offices in Mexico. In my experience our local office has been very helpful even when I had the wrong type of on line application.

user image Jenna

What is the process for obtaining work permission if I already have a temporary resident card and am living in Mexico?

user image Johan

Start with the online procedure (see link below) and enter “obtener permiso para trabajar” then go to your INM office. You will need a letter describing the type of work you seek permission for. If you will not be self employed then you will probably need a letter from your employer as well but the INM office will help you get it all together.

Link to online procedure tutorial:

user image Oksana

What proof of funds is required when I am applying for a temporary residense card if i am marrying a mexican citizen and having a baby in Mexico? Both of us are artists and will I get a work permit right after we get married? what can we do to avoid prooving of funds?

Thank you!

user image Linn

Hi – My FM2 will expire in a few days from Mexico. My job offer has fallen through. But, I will be marrying a Mexican citizen. We have been together forever and decided to try to make things easier and marry each other.

We will be crossing the Belize boarder to marry in Belize. My visa will probably be expired by the time we cross over the Belize. Does anyone know if I show proof of a marriage certificate to the Mexican consulate in Belize and pay any fines for the visa being expired will I be able to enter Mexico again without a problem immediately?

Also – is there a special visa I should be applying for at the Mexican consulate which allows me to work in Mexico? Or, once I’m married to a Mexican does that just allow me to work? And do I need to turn in my marriage license to the Mexican consulate with any other forms to re-enter Mexico?

Again all of this will be taking place in Belize. And my visa will in fact be expired. I will need to re-enter Mexico. And at the time of re-entering Mexico I will be married to a Mexican citizen.

I’m just worried if I’m missing any information.

user image Rabbi Stephen Spiegel

Continuing the saga; Is Q Roo considered a “free zone” as far as vehicles are concerned? Meaning, can a Residente Permanente drive a foreign plated vehicle legally as long as it does not leave Q Roo? If this is true, where can one get an official document of some kind, in Spanish, to show local Police?
Thank you.

user image Planet Aid Drop Boxes

A single School available for Working Children has a
main community with regular classes and 4 satellite centers in or very near
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The workers actively attempt to make AWC successful for children through mobilizing the kids, their parents, the local school teachers as well as the authorities to join hands to create a better future for the kids. The teachers at AWC educate the children, arrange cleaning activities within the slums, organize events in the neighborhood and pay attention to every kid.

user image Amy

Please help me out- it’s urgent. I went in to apply for my 4th year of renewal and they said I needed to have the permanent resident card. I’m supposed to go back Thursday (the day it expires) because technically this is the day I will complete 4 years here and be eligible for permanent resident. I had no idea however about this new car rule!!! I can’t keep my car in Mexico right if it has foreign plates with a permanent resident card? But after 4 years, they make you be permanent resident regardless of whether you want to or not? I’m really confused and don’t know what to do. I think my car is too new to import permanantly (2007 model) so either I have to take my car back and leave it or give up my FM3 and start the whole process again by entering at the border as a tourist? I need to know what to do since it expires Thursday! If it expires Thursday, how do you turn in the FM3 card? At the immigrations office and then leave MExico with ym car and trailer (that I brought in 4 years ago under the original temproary importation visa?) What a mess!!!! They really didnt think this through huh?

user image Johan

Amy: After 4 years as a temporary resident you can leave the country and apply for another 4 years of temporary residency. It is fairly certain that the permanent resident card will not allow you to drive a foreign plated car but some people still believe it may be possible. The tax laws have not been changed and some say that until that happens there is an argument for it being allowed but it is safest at this point to plan on it not being allowed but that is just my opinion. Consulting a professional is a good idea if you can find a good one. You may also find this forum discussion useful:

user image Don

I have an FM3 expiring Nov 18 . I arrive Nov 12 in La PAz by Air

I have two problems

1 I think I am supposed to have the other half of my FMM card from when I left last time bt air with me ( I dont as I entered by car last year and renewed my FM3 in La PAz. Do I have to give them an old half from my ast plane trip 2 years ago or just tell them I drove in last year and La Paz renewed my FM# at IMM so why should I have to give them the old half of the FMM card

the website for Canada Gov says

The stamped “registro de salida” portion of the form must be given to the airline company when boarding the plane or to the border agent when exiting by road. The remaining portion of the form, “registro de entrada”, must be carefully kept and returned to Mexican immigration authorities when re-entering Mexico.

So if you dont have this are you Ok or is there a fine and if so how much?

2. On my FM3 it says Proroga 2 . I want to apply fr a Temp Resid card and not a Perm resid card . Am I ok with Proroga 2
As I do not want to go Perm Resid

user image Jane

I want to leave Mexico but my fm3 card exspired , how much will the fine be at the airport …

user image Johan

It is probably the same as a lost FMM. I am not sure Jane but other forums have a range from $3 per day to 1,000 pesos for that. The most common answer seems to be about 500 pesos. It has happened to me that I have lost my FMM and I did not pay anything but that was several years ago.

user image Jane

Thankyou Johan I want to renew my FM3 but they want bank statements .. which I cant give to them right now .. I wrote a letter telling the reason now the officer tell me the letter is wrong , I have to write one telling them why I wish to be here and if my country allow me to stay out so long ..,. I dont need permision to stay away from my country . I broke ties with here … now I think the best thing is kleave Mexico . this is very sad because I really like it here …. Imigration office Cancun I.m dealing with ..

user image Kenni

I need some help. In April of this year I received my temporary resident visa to live in Mexico for one year. I went to look for it about a week ago and cannot find it so have concluded it is lost. It was valid until February of 2014. The problem is I went to the INM office in the city where I live and was told I have to re apply and pay for it all over again. It costs 3,130 pesos around $300.00 dollars U.S. I simply do not have 3,130 pesos extra to spare at this time.
I nee to go to the U.S. later this year Nov. or Dec. for personal business and civic duty * I have jury duty( and to visit my family. I was planning to get a temporary residence visa for 4 years when I return from the U.S.when I can afford it. My question is will I be able to leave Mexico if I do not get another resident visa at this time_

user image Johan

Yes the cost of a lost visa is about the same as reapplying. You may be able to get a letter of permission to exit and reenter but not sure how that would work wirh your lost document. It is worth a try because if you leave without it you may need to start the whole process over again and that may even mean doing so from outside Mexico depending on the timing. Better consult a professional who deals with this.

user image Mekhael Khela

Hi there
I am living in mexico and had befor fm2 fammiliar and now i have resdencia temporal
Now i got awork before 2 weeks without telling the inm
After that i asked some friends they rold me u need to take permission for work but i already working with documents
So what can i do

user image Johan

You do need permission to work. It would be a change of status to your MTRV. Contact the INM.

user image Adam

Question 1: Does having Mexican nationality lower costs for getting a temporary resident visa?

Question 2: Having recently received my Mexican nationality (my Father and Mother are Mexican born) Can I register my daughters as Mexican nationals based off my Mexican Nationality? Could I also get my wife her Mexican nationality thru being married to me?

Background Info:
My wife has been living in Mexico for the past two years with our daughters on a temp resident visa and its coming time to renew. Because of the changes in the law she no longer meets the minimum income requirement and is concerned that she has to give up her temp residency status and will have to apply for a 6 month tourist visa.

user image Johan


1. I have not seen anywhere a reduction in fees based on kinship to a Mexican.

2. The way I read it your wife and daughter now fall into the category of having a Mexican kin (i.e. you). Family unification is part of the objective of the immigration laws so there are a number of special provisions that come into effect. I have also seen some sources that say your wife will not need to prove a minimum income because she is the wife of a Mexican. This will become clear when you make the application.

user image Maddie

Hi All

I currently have a temporary resident visa which I must convert to an FM3 before I may import my household goods and move to Merida. Does anyone know how I go about this process? I have filled out and submitted the online application. Must I now go to the INM office in Mexico to complete the process? Does anyone know how long this takes? I want to be sure I plan my trip to be there long enough to get the FM3 so that I can bring it back with me and import my stuff. I would appreciate any quick responses! Thanks!

user image Steve

I’m an Australian citizen living and working in Mexico on an MTRV. I came through the US with a 90 day visa waiver and will be travelling back to Australia from Mexico later this year for a short break, but only transiting in LA for a few hours.

Do I need to cross the border south in order to renew my 90 day visa waiver?…. In other words, does my Mexican Temporary Residente Visa mean nothing to the USA or will they just let me pass through?

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The MTRV has no meaning to US immigration. I am not sure what a 90 day visa waiver is Steve but a few hours transit in LA is part of so many international flights I doubt it will be a problem. Better check with your airline.

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Hi, Johan,
I live in San Miguel de Allende and bought a house here in 2011. Last year I got my FM3 which will expire in September. When I go to renew it, I’m not going to be able to meet the amount required for investments by about half. Do you know if the fact that I own a house (completely paid for) will be to my benefit? Or, will it not matter? I read the following here and it gives me a glimmer of hope. “As I mentioned in my first post, some consulates are not enforcing these higher income requirements, providing a window of opportunity for those who may not be able to meet them. And for those presently holding FM2 or FM3 visas, they are grandfathered in and do not have to prove up at these higher income values.” Thanks!

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I made a big, big mistake by going from “Inmigrante” status to Residente Permanente in June 2013! I want to switch from Residente Permanente to Residente Temporal. Anyone know how I can do this as soon as possible?

I don’t want to go through the trouble and the expense of importing a 1998 Tacoma and importing my boat that I have at my house in La Paz. I am just about ready to divest of all things Mexican and get the heck out of Baja as these new INM rules may just be the straw that breaks this camel’s back. Sick of all the recent changes: 3 changes of Visa types in 3 years, tripling and quintupling the cost of nationalizing a US plated Vehicles, requiring ID numbers (CURP, RFC) that require periodic renewal, stupid non-sensical policies and requirements for maintaining Mexican bank accounts, limiting deductible corporate expenses to facturas only and requiring such expenses each over $2,000 pesos to be paid only by corporate check, Loreto property taxes doubling from one year to the next for corporate owned property, ignorant accountants and attornies (including Notarios) who don’t know their own craft and do not keep current, coming up with a new tax (IETU) without any grace period or sufficient notice to the public, the inconsistency of arbitrary application of law by each individual government agency and each office, etc., etc., etc. Mexico’s deficiencies have each and every time cost me thousands of dollars.

If I can’t switch from Residente Permanente to Residente Temporal…well, that will be the straw that breaks my back and I will get the hell out of here with lightening speed.

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I almost feel your pain Bob and you bring up a good point. According to our local accountant Adriana (who is a wonder and REALLY does know her craft) yes you can surrender your Pemanente card and apply for another 4 years of Temporal. You will however have to make that application at a consulate outside Mexico. They give you a visa for returning to complete the process here in Mexico.

I am glad you asked because I was under the misconception that once you had a Temporal for four years that was all you were allowed. I correct the various errors in these pages….Thanks

Becasue of it’s excellent educational content I have copied this to the forum here: there may be additional comments worth reading there.

user image brent

here is a good one for you………

I have lived in Mexico for 14 years,presently have my fm2 expiring , which I know will convert to I believe is the temporary residence visa.

I have owned a business, an SA de CV, in Mexico for the last 5 years, in Quintana Roo.

I am Canadian, and I have a Texas plated vehicle which I have had here in QR for about a year, with an expired import visa, not imported by me. It was imported by the owner in texas and she brought it here to mexico and i bought it last year. In QR, it has always been, as long as I dont drive it out of the state I dont need to renew the import docs.

how will this change when I switch from an FM2 to temporary residence card?? IN SHORT does the QR rules still apply, that I dont need to renew the import permit on the car. Nobody in QR seems to know the answer to the above.

Also if all these people cannot drive foreign plated vehicles, how do we get them out of the country to sell, or convert them to mexican plates, which i assume if they wont let us drive foreign plated cars, will they let us convert any year of vehicle to mexican registration.

there are many of us in QR wondering what the options are.

interested to hear from you, to say the least.

user image Johan

Brent. There is a document which lets you legally drive the vehicle to the border. If it is not one of those allowed to be imported because of date or location of manufacture then it has to leave the country. Local rules for QR I am not familiar with.

I should say occasionally that I am not an expert on these matters nor am I qualified to give legal advise. I only pass along what I believe from reading many sources. Consult a professional if you need professional advice.

user image Richard Ellis

What will be the direct benefits to you of changing status to
temporale from permanente ? I am just starting all this.

user image JC

I arrived in Mexico on a Temporary Resident Visa. I am asked to report to the Mexico Immigration to pay and get my working card. Would like to know if you guys have any ideas how much it costs and if I need to pay in Mexican Peso or USD? Thanks.

user image Johan

Not exactly sure JC how much but if you budget 5,000 pesos I am fairly confident you will be under that. It is a change of status cost you are looking at. Perhaps if you search for “Cambio de estancia INM” and similar key words you may find it.

user image Liz

I am in the porcess of getting my 1 year work visa. My husband and I drove our car into Mexico. My husband and the car were issued a tempory visa for 180 days. My husbands status will get changed to my depandent however how do I change the status of my car so I don´t have to go back to the border.

Any information or direction will be greatly appreciated.

user image Johan

Let’s careful not to confuse the others here. You were issued a TIP – Temporary Import Permit for your car. The process of getting temporary residency requires that most people apply at a consulate outside Mexico for a visa which they can use to enter and complete the process in Mexico. However your husband because of his kinship to you (Mexican Citizen I presume) is able to do the process inside Mexico. Others cannot.

The TIP is associated with his visa and the TIP renews each time he renews his status but he has to inform Aduano of his renewal. Once he becomes a Permanent Resident he will not be allowed to have a foreign plated car.

user image Vivian

Hi, I am a Chinese work in Mexico since 2009, and I renew FM3 every year in Sep. from INM.(renew 3 times already, this year will be the 4th) According to lawyer last year’s word(i guess was old rule): I can only renew the FM3 the last time in 2013, in 2014 I will have to go to US Mexican consulate to get a VISA again. like every 5 years is a cycle.
since the new rule has no FM2 OR FM3, I confused that in my situation, can I apply the MPRV this year sep.? what do I need to prepare for apply? And for new MTRV or MPRV still need to get VISA from consulate every 5 years?

user image Johan

Vivian: MPRV is permanent and never has to be renewed.

The MTRV you can get after 4 years of the same fm3 or fm2 so it sounds like you can renew for one year but it will be an MTRV. Then next year you should be able to get the MPRV and no more hassles with this ever. This should all be possible without leaving the country.

user image sonal

I am on ” Residente Temporal” visa am I authorized to work in mexcio. What should I do to get a working permit in Mexcio

user image Luna

I need help!!! I had an FM3 in Mexico from 2006 to 2008. I want to work there again. I have no idea how to start this process. The Consulate in the U.S. has told me that I must first go to Mexico, obtain a NUT – Número Único de Trámite – then return to the U.S. to get my Visa, then go back to Mexico to get my Work Permit. When I contacted the INM – Instituto Nacional de Migración – however, they indicated to me that the entire process must be done here. What do I do??? A school has provided me with a letter saying that they would hire me, and what my salary would be – but I would like to obtain the permit as an Independent Teacher, as I may like to work in other schools as well.

user image Johan

Luna. you will need to start the process at your local consulate. It should be possible to get it all done at a consulate without going to Mexico before you have the visa to enter to get you temporary status. I suggest you ask at a different consulate if possible. They apparently have some discretion as to what they require. If you want to go independent i.e. not attached to the employer, then you will probably have to prove financial independence to get your temporary status.

user image Salvatore

Hey Mark, I’m living in the state of Qintana Roo, Mexico and I’m planing to stay and work for some time here, they tell me that i need a “visa de Residencia Temporal” 1st.
Ok here is my questions How and where do I get that, and is it true that i need that 1st?

user image Johan

That is consistent with my understanding Salvatore You can only start the process of getting your temporary residency status at a consulate outside of Mexico.

user image Anouk

Hi Johan,

We want to move to Mexico for more than 180 days (at least one year) is the temporary permit allows us to work in Mexico for our own (on line) company? Can we then switch for a work permit sponsored by an employer if we find a position in Mexico? Thank you in advance !

user image Tonishia

Hi. Im an american and have been living in mexico for 2 and a half yrs illegally and i had a baby born here in the time of being here. i need to know what i need to do to get my passport and temporary visa or how can i be a resident in both countries. im scared to become a permanent resident because i dont want to lose my right as an american. or will i still have the right to return back to my country. i want to work here but not sure how to go about doing that or what documentation i need. so can anyone help me.. without having to return back to US. i cant leave my son here by himself.

user image Patty

Do you know if a Canadian can apply for the visa at the embassy in Phoenix. The consolate here takes way longer and I already have a flight booked for later this week. I am purchasing a condo in Mexico and need the temporol visa in order to put it in the rental pool. They don’t understnad that at my consualte office out here.

user image Johan

Sorry Patty I do not know but a phone call should clear that up. One thing certain you need to do it before you enter Mexico.

user image Zoe Goetz

Mark, could you clarify again whether you can have a U.S. plated car in Mexico with the Residente Temporal? I know you can’t with the permanente.

user image Johan

There is still some misinformation and discussion on this but it is my firm belief that temporary residents can drive a foreign plated vehicle in Mexico. I got my TIP (temporary import permit) with my brand new temporary resident card just a month ago.

user image polly stevens

i need info on residence in mexico when one has a job already waiting for them. im a theater actress and going to be the bar manager of the theater(this is my profession here in states for the last 20 yrs) in addition my bosses are sending me to a very respected mixology seminar. this should take care me being most qualifed. Now what? please help there is just to much changes thats been made!

user image Johan

Polly that would be a temporary resident visa with a right to work added to it. You will need to work with your employer on the documentation.

user image PeterC

Most useful article I’ve found on this subject, especially as you included rough processing times which I have been looking for. Thank you. The nightmare of waiting may be approaching the end.

user image Glenn

I’m a little confused with “You cannot have a foreign plated vehicle in Mexico under this status” I was under the impression you COULD have foreign plated car under the temporary visa, but not under the permanent visa… So NO forgeign plated vehicle at all except under the tourist visa ?

user image sherri

so, what is the answer to that question about a foreign plated car?
and, where can I find the info. about what cars can me imported under a TIP?

user image Johan

Sherri we still get different answers to that question but my current thinking is that temporary residents will be allowed to get a TIP but permanent residents will not in the long run. Current status depends on who you talk to. I entered Mexico 3 months ago with my Temporary status and got a TIP.

Any car can come in under a TIP (temporary import permit). You probably meant to ask which cars can be permanently imported. The answer to that is that the vehicle must have been manufactured in North America and of a certain age. The dates of manufacture allowed change occasionally.

According to this article:

~ TIP cars can be any make or model (FUN), while nationalized vehicles must be NAFTA manufactured. i.e. We had to swap our very sweet Nissan Maxima for a Sentra when moving here, because the Maxima is of Nippon origin.
~ Only 8, 9, and 10 year old vehicles, or classic cars, can be nationalized for modest taxes/duties.
~ Other newer nationalized vehicles are hit with steep taxes/duties (non 8-10 year old used vehicles are charged a 50% duty on the new list price, while new cars pay a 30% duty??**), when nationalizing them vs. only the Banjercito deposit of a few $100?s dollars for a TIP car.

user image sherri

and how long is your TIP good for? can the car stay as long as your temporary status lets you stay?

user image Mark Emmer

Sorry, but I need to make a correction to my correction. The $126,000 figure I quoted for assets as an alternative to monthly income is the number for Residente Permanente. For Residente Temporal, it’s closer to US$102,000. Here are the actual calculations, using 12.7 for an exchange rate, 400 times the minimum daily salary for income, and 20,000 times the MDS for assets (multipliers from the Lineamientos):
Monthly Income: 400 x 64.76 / 12.7 = US$2,040.
Investment or Bank Account Balance: 20,000 x 64.76 / 12.7 = US$101,984.

For Permanente, the multipliers are 500 and 25,000 respectively, and in addition you must be a pensioner or retired person. That is, monthly income must be from a verifiable pension. Alternatively, four years of FMx/Residente Temporal will qualify a person for Permanente without having to prove the higher income or assets. See Article 44 of the Lineamientos.

As I mentioned in my first post, some consulates are not enforcing these higher income requirements, providing a window of opportunity for those who may not be able to meet them. And for those presently holding FM2 or FM3 visas, they are grandfathered in and do not have to prove up at these higher income values.

user image Johan

Thank you Mark. That is the source I used. I was wondering how that could be. It is now corrected in several places and a reference to your comments here.

user image Mark Emmer

Please fix the erroneous numbers you have: “3,000 US$ per month or US$12,000”. The correct numbers are US$2,000/month or US$126,000 investment or bank account balances. You’re taking those numbers from the Neuvo Vallarta Power Point and they are very much incorrect. You can read the correct amounts in the published Lineamientos at
Look at requirement 4.b.i and 4.b.ii of Article 41 and know that the minimum salary multiplier is $64.76 pesos for 2013. Also, as a practical matter, many consulates haven’t figured this out yet, and are still only requiring US$1,000 or US$1,200 monthly income per person. Seeing $3,000/month listed above is going to scare off potential immigrants, or thinking they only need $12,000 in the bank is going to bring big disappointment when they go to their consulate to apply.

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