Mexico Visa – Permanent Resident / Residente Permanente (MPRV was FM2)


Summary – Permanent Resident Visa MPRV – If you are a Canadian or US citizen this visa allows you to stay in Mexico for as long as you want without restriction on foreign travel. You will need 4 years of Temporary residency status to get it.

Updated July 13, 2013 If you do not want to take this status after 4 years you do not have to. You will however have to start the application process from outside Mexico at a consulate. In that way you can get another 4 years of MTRV status. You may want to do this for various reasons like problems with having your vehicle in Mexico under a permanent status.

Updated February 2013: Please keep in mind that the current regulations are relatively new (Nov. 2012) so you may have different experiences depending on which office you use. The following information is gleaned from many sources across the internet it is only a summary of what I believe I understand. If in doubt consult a professional or ask a question on a forum to get information about the personal experience of others. If your experience is different or suggests errors in the information presented please comment below. Sharing has served us well in the past and will help us through these changes as well.

If you need to apply for a visa or change your immigration status in any way there is an on line procedure which starts the process. That process has been translated and documented here: INM ONline Immigration Application Procedure for Visas and changes

The cost of the visa is: $3,815 pesos.

The application process costs an additional 1,000 pesos.

If you lose your visa the replacement cost is 1,080 pesos (January 2015).

The MPRV can be obtained after 4 years of FM3 or FM2 status or a combination of 4 years of FM3, FM2 and Temporary Resident (MTRV) status. It does however depend when you renewed your FM3 or FM2. For example even if you had several years of FM? but last year had to reapply then you still have 3 years of Temporary status before you can get Permanent. In the case of a spouse of a permanent resident or citizen of Mexico the period is 2 years.

There are other ways to qualify they are:
by next-of-kin right to preserve the family unit
by right to preserve the family unit
by humanitarian reason.

There is a transition period in which if you have a non immigrant card (was FM3) or an Immigrant card (was FM2) which has been renewed 3 or 4 times then you can apply for a change of status to Permanent Residency winthin the 6 months prior to it’s expiry.

Once acquired the MPRV does not have to be renewed unless you are a minor.

There is a minimum income requirement for getting this visa in the range of 2,000 US$ per month or US$126,000 of investments for each individual. You may be required to prove this with bank statements for the past 6 months but the INM offices have the discretion to use a combination of assets including real estate to arrive at an equivalency. The idea is that you should be financially self sufficient.

You cannot have a foreign plated vehicle in Mexico under this status.

You must inform the INM of the following changes within 90 days of their occurrence:


If you have an Immigrado Booklet then you can get a permanent resident card but that is optional. Not sure what the optional part means but INM says so.

Additional Resources:

I have always found the Mexconnect forum extremely useful.

The actual regulations are here in Spanish:

See also Mark’s comment on how to calculate the investment requirement at the very bottom of this page: Temporary Residency

New immigrant residency card and old FM2

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  1. hello,

    my experience was actually not bad alot of trips tho.

    well i am a mexican citizen (by birth) my wife and kids are us citizens (by birth).

    well the first time my wife applied for permente residency which was around april of 2014, we were missing everything, my kids werent mexican citizens, their birth certificate only showed my first name. so i had to correct their birth certificate to have my complete name.

    once that was done, i took the corrected bbirth certificates to the registro civil and begin to register them as mexicans (kids of mexican citizens get the natuality right away). after about 3 weeks i had gotten them registered and got translated birth certificate.

    with that birth certificate i got their curp (social security number in a way), enrolled in IMSS, and got their mexican passports (yes, its a requirement)

    once i had all that, i requested a work letter from my job stating how much i make and since when, me and my wife also had to write letters about why we were requesting this.

    we turned in everything at the beginning of Feb. 2015.

    the payments to start the process was around 1000 pesos, then once she was approved it was 3800 something pesos, she did this all under her FMM the visitor visa, ehich cost 360 pesos to get.

    also the passports were around 1200 for 3 years for my 7 yr old
    and around 700 for 1 yr for my 1 yr old.

    my wife was granted perminent residency on march 17, 2015. a week later they give her the fm2.

  2. After 4 years of Temporary Residency and then applying for Permanent Residency, do I understand correctly that they will NOT accept solvency verification from employment income? I am on salary and work from home and will be doing so for the next 12-15 years. Is it likely they will decline an application for Permanent Residency?

  3. They would not except my copy of marriage liscense even though it was stamped with the state Apostilla stamp. If I have to return to US to get this and my temporary has expired will I still be able to get the permanent residency/ I have had the temporary for 2 years and it expires march 7th. I did not know I had to have that original until now. My husband is Mexican.

  4. Can I check online anywhere are call somewhere to see if I can apply for permanate resident? We have had our temporary resident for almost seven years but our notary says “you have to wait one more year”. Getting suspicious.

    • If you have always paid and renewed your visas on time, you should be able to get it after four years. But if you were even ONE DAY LATE with your renewal in the past, you have to start the process over from the beginning, from that date. So, for example, if you renewed late in 2012, for example, then you will be starting your four year countdown from that date in 2012. It happened to me when I renewed a few weeks late one year. No one tells you this. :-(

  5. Does permanent residence status have any effect on the amount that you can bring into Mexico duty free?

  6. i want to get my Permanent residency thru my children who have dual citizanship. what do i need.

    • i am a american in living in acapulco, i”m broke as hell, unable to find work due to language problems, any ways, i have a daughter here, i flew down, week before my tourist visa expired i went to mexico, immigration, for permanent resident status, i had all my paperwork ready, 2 weeks i had my permanent resident green card, ohh , mexico immigration, came to my house here in mexico to check everything i said was true, they told me they now do this each in every time, as too many people been caught lying, they told me the biggest thing is wrong address to go to visit the house and it turns out to be a restaurant or office building, so this is why they now double check every thing

      so do not lie at all on your app !!!

  7. Does this mean with a permanent residence visa you can return to your country or elsewhere for two consecutive years with occasional visits to Mexico, without loosing your status? If you plan to retire in the future with your permanent visa, but need to relocate temporarily for a while, due to work, or personal reasons , but have intentions to return to Mexico in the future, you will not risk loosing your permanent status? I don”t know if you loose your rights and have to start over if you need to leave for two or more years and or if youneed to show xxx number of days in Mexico each year to retain your permanent while you are temporarily working in another country.

    • La residencia permanante is, in fact, permanent. You can leave Mexico and go wherever you like for however long you”d like, and you”ve still got the same status as when you left. What”s more, when you do decide to come back, you get to go through the “Mexicans” line at customs at the airport rather than the “Foreigners” line. (However, you can”t buy property within 50m of the border or the coast, supposedly for reasons of national security, and you cannot express any political opinions or be present in a protest march. Yes, I know it sounds strange, but I”ve asked around. Apparently, that”s the law.)

  8. I am working here in Mexico and will soon process my permanent visa and i have a plan of getting my spouse to live here with me, may I know how”s the process and what are the requirements. Thank you.

  9. I have a permanent resident card and am on my way to mexico City for apply for naturalization. I was told (before) that I would be able to leave the country after that application as long as I was available to return for any meetings at the Secretary of Foreign Affairs which I would be able to. Now I am told, no, I have to stay in Mexico the entire time the application is in process. The lawyer is being very noncommittal — this is a huge commitment for me as I am needed part time back in my home country. Can I get the truth?

  10. Under what circumstances does a PR in Mexico living in Mexico have to file and pay income tax to Mexico?

    You wouldn”t believe how hard it is to find a straight answer on this.

    • Sorry I have no details on that.

    • You only have to pay Mexican income tax on income earned in Mexico. Retirement payments from a foreign company, investments that generate income or capital gains from stocks in other countries, social security from other countries, capital gains from the sale of properties in foreign countries, etc are not subject to income tax in Mexico. If you have rental properties in Mexico, the income is subject to both income tax on the profit from operations and sales tax on the gross rental amount (IVA) regardless of where you receive the money (a US bank account, for instance). If you work in Mexico, either for yourself or someone else in Mexico or a Mexican corporation, you are subject to Mexican income tax (there are different rules for people working for a foreign company but are based in Mexico)

      The income is deemed “earned in Mexico” if the work or the rental property that generated the income is in Mexico. If you sell a property that you own in Mexico, you are subject to Mexican capital gains taxes, if there is any capital gains on the sale.

      Income in Mexico is taxable in the month in which the income is received, not when the goods or services are provided, which may be days, weeks or months after payment is received.

      Income taxes and sales taxes (from rentals, for example) are due monthly in Mexico payable to Hacienda/SAT (Mexican IRS) and you file an annual tax return (Declaración Anual).

      It”s best to have a good Mexican accountant review your specific situation and advise you as to your Mexican tax liabilities.

      If you are American and you earn income in Mexico, you are subject to US taxes as well on the Mexican income equal to the difference between your US tax liability minus your Mexican tax liability. You are not double taxed by the IRS. You may need an American tax attorney to assist you with this (recommended).

  11. I know that the permanent residency card implies that i can be in mexico as long as i want basically,but i want to know what is not allowed…..Can I go back to the states without problems……Do I have to come back to mexico

    I have no idea what to do…Either i can stay temporary or I can go be permanent.


    • Amanda: Both temporary and permanent status allow you to stay in Mexico as long as you want. The main difference is that the permanent status does not have to be renewed and can lead to citizenship.

  12. Hi. A friend of mine who has a mexican permanent residence recently went on holiday and was told that he had to have a return ticket in order to leave the country.
    I also have a permanent residence and I am going on holiday for a few weeks, however I only bought a one way ticket. Will I have to buy the return before I go in order to leave the country?

  13. I am a US citizen and lived in Mexico for 27 years and had permanent residency. I returned to the states 6 years ago. Is my permanent residency still valid? Did I need to renew it these last years?

    • If you had the old FM2 it has expired and you will need to start the process of getting a temporary visa at a Mexican embassy in your home country. Once you have had that for 4 years you can get permanent residency status which does not have to be renewed.

  14. what about time restrictions on being out of Mexico during those 4 years with a Temporary Reisdent? I”d like to have the Permanent Resident status when I retire (likely, years and years from now but who knows, or just in case the SHTF here in the US and I would hope it would allow me across easier, compared to other AMericans who don”t have it..

    Basically, Do you need to show a consistently strong presence there to be eligible for the Permanent Resident?

    It sounds from others once you get Permanent it doesn”t matter how long your in Mexico.

    • There are no restrictions on being out of the country that I am aware of and I agree that the permanent residency also does not require any specific amount of time in country.

  15. Hello Everyone, I sure hope someone has had one of these 2 experiences. We are getting the pre-document (Visa) for residente permanente in Canada in late August. We then plan to fly to Playa del Carmen and convert that visa into the Permanente card- I understand we have 30 days once we enter Mexico to do this. Has anyone done this, how long does it take? The idea is to then fly back, get the truck and cargo trailer and drive back down with a ménaje de casa and import the vehicle etc. the OTHER option is to try to do this with the PRE document right away, hit the border with the truck etc and try to import the truck, but of course I haven”t heard of anyone doing either of these, and I worry that because it”s only the PRE document (canje) the vehicle would be a TIP not nationalized, we would then have to drive back to the border and do the nationalizing once we have the permanente car- confused– yuppp me too. Most important is trying to see/find out the time it takes to convert at INM- anyone???

  16. Also if I do have to renew do I have to pay for two years since I didn”t renew last year ??

  17. I got my card with my wife 1 and a half years ago and it says inmigrante and she is I citizen so I think it is a resident card but I”m not sure because it has an expiration date. So I”m confused because I”m going back there now and I will want to work so do I have to renew or what? I don”t think so because it doesn”t say temporary . It just says inmigrante

  18. Hi guys

    We have permanent residency and need to go to the States.

    I know the restriction on leaving the country for a number of days have fallen away but since we are giving up our rental property we will go the safe route as to inform immigration that we are leaving. As far as we know you have to inform them of any address change so by doing so it probably would be safer.

  19. hello

  20. If I am getting my permanent residency through my Mexican child, do I still need the income requirement?

  21. I have the permanent resident card. When am I eligable for dual citizenship? I also need a referral in Tijuana. The guy who used to help us with this kind of thing closed down.

  22. Hi,

    I got FM2 since 2009 as retista, i kept renew my fm2 till now which is last year i got Temporal Residence and 2 years married in mexico which is my wife is mexican. is it possible to be qualify this year PR? my Temporary residence will be expire by next month, please advice. thanks.

  23. I have my perm resident card and I normally drive into Baja. I am flying into PV for a weeks vacation. I know in the past it was a pain with Fm2/3. I had to have documentation on the way in and out. I don’t have any exit paperwork. What are the new rules and do I have to do the same stuff and get documentation when I leave?

  24. hi i am from lebanon and i have the permanent resident in mexico do i can travel to europe without visa only with the permanent resident? thanks for your help

    • Kevin: I am not an expert but I can tell you that the MPRV does not replace my need for a passport even to return home to Canada so I think the answer to your question is no.

  25. I have an arrest record for minor weed. I was taking chemo and had the marijuana with me on the bus. I was charged, spent three nights in prison (almost died) and convicted and am now on I probation.
    I have had an FM-3 & then FM-2 for many years and now a temp that is good for another three years.
    I have a business, houses land my wife and grandson here
    May I get my permanent residency with a felony conviction?.

    • Sorry Mark but I do not know. I have not heard of any similar situation but neither have I heard of any criminal record checks.

  26. I now have a permanent Resident card. What is the process now when I want to fly back to the states since I no longer have an FMM to turn in at the airport?

    • At the airport you go to the INM desk and they will give you what is needed. You should have a slip of paper from when you entered but if you have lost that they can also fix you up.

  27. My wife is from Mexico , we both live in the states now but plan to retire in a couple of years to be with her family. What do i need to do to get a permanent resident ? Do I have to get a temp first?

    • Yes you need to start with a Temporary Residency for 4 years unless you or your wife are Mexican then it is a bit different. Go to a Mexican consulate to start the process with an entry visa.

  28. I have the permanent residency because I have been working here and need to know if I must continue to work at a Mexican Company. I am starting to work online for a US company and was wondering if I need to submit any paperwork to immigration if I leave the Mexican company.

  29. We have started the process of getting permanent residency and were told to go to the mexican Consulate web site to get a form on line called canje FMM to Permanent at the INM web site. I clicked on English, clicked on applications and was told the form would be there in English. I could not do it. Where can I get this form on line. We are leaving for Mexico on Saturday to complete this process. Thank you.

  30. Why is it some people are getting permenenti without the four year temporary and others have to do the four year regardless the amount of money in bank.

    • If folks had 4 years on the old FM3 or FM2 then they can get Permanente without Temporal.

      • You can now get a Permanent Residence Visa without having ever lived in Mexico by going to a Mexican Consulate in the States and applying. Then you must go to the closest INM office once you arrive in Mexico and start the rest of the process.

    • I am one of those people. My specific case granted me permanent residence without a four year wait because my daughter and husband are both Mexican citizens. Vinculo familiar is the application and is for the parents of Mexican citizens and a few others. My husband did my daughters papers then she is the reason my husband could get permanent residence for me w/o the 4 year wait.

  31. Great work !!!keep it up. However, I do need your advice on the foll: I am an Afroamerican with permanent residence in Mexico, which is such a beautiful country.The issue here is, there is not a day that goes by that I am not racially harrassed by Mexicans. You FN, go back to your FC. I am insulted and humiliated in every unimagiable way. I even had a bottle thrown at me and told to return to my FC.I would, however, like to be clear that not all Mexicans have have this evil behavior.I have met some very nice ones, but the percentage of racists here is much greater than I would ever expect. What can I do ?

    Desperate and uncomfortable.

    • Dutchie – Really sorry to hear your comments but have no idea how to combat that. With time I suspect and hope things will change.

    • as a matter of fact as a PR you do have rights just like any other Mexican….
      I would report it to the police…. and since your a different color even better cause it make police think you’ll prb go n talk about how Mexicans behave is and mess up the touristism I’ve seen it happen already.. hope all works out….

      greetings from Mazatlan Sinaloa

  32. I have a resident visa since november, and want to germany for 1 1/2 years. As far as I understood I can leave as long as I want, who has any information on this? I don´t want to loose my resident visa.

  33. We have been going in and out of Mexico with tourist visa. We purchased a home in Mexico over 12 years ago. Now we want Permanent status as we would like to live in our home in Mexico. Can we apply for Permanent status without having renewed our FM3? It has been at least 5 years since its expiration.

  34. I have the Permanent residency: Can I stop working for a Mexican company and take up online work for a US company? or do I have to continue working here? What information would I have to submit to the office to reflect my job change? Is there still a limit on the amount of time I can be out of the country?

    • The limit on time outside the country on all visa has gone away so no worries about that. If you do not pass the independent income test for residency then as I see it you would not be able to keep a resident visa while working for a non Mexican company. May be a good idea to check with a professional. You can still be here 180 days on as a tourist and you can renew that by crossing the border as many times as you like.

  35. Next Nov 2014 we will get our Residente Permanente. If we decide to bring our 1998 Dodge Voyageur Caravan van into Mexico from BC on our way down to Puerto Vallarta in Oct. do you know what the process will be to nationalize it at the border and the approx. cost?

  36. Once the Residente Permanente card is obtained, does it need to be renewed? And if so, how many years before renewal and how much does it cost for a renewal?

  37. If I have a temporary or permanent visa and I want to have my USA registered/licensed car (and maintain it registered in the USA) in Baja sur full time will I need to get it nationalized?

  38. If I fill out the online application and get a reply ” si” that all is OK, is the document automatically sent to the Mexican govt.

  39. There are several things on which which are just wrong. You do not need the income check, if you have the temp residency for 4 years for one thing, another is applying 6 months before, and some of the other stuff is qustionable at best.

    It’s mexico, so your milage may vary

    • There are probably many inaccuracies and we appreciate you pointing them out. It is to benefit from the knowledge of others that we publish these pages. No one at the is an expert or qualified to give legal advice. You should seek professional assistance when needed.

  40. I’m a little confused…This website says that with a combination of four years with a FM2 or FM3 one must apply for the MPRV. However, it also says “even if you had several years of FM? but last year had to reapply then you still have 3 years of Temporary status before you can get Permanent” (MPRV?). I have had an FM2 for two years. I now need to renew it for the second time. This seems to be a contradiction or what am I misunderstanding? Thanks

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