Mexico Visas – FM2, FM3 and FMM form ((history only))


This page is left here for Historical purposes only. Information which better reflects the current situation as of February 2013 can be found starting here:  Mexico Visas – Temporary Resident (MTRV was FM3) Permanent Resident (MPRV was FM2) Tourist Card (FMM / FMT)

Visitors to Mexico from Canada and the USA require a visa if they want to stay continuously for more than 180 days. 

Last updated January 7, 2012: Changes are anticipated but still not in effect, details here: Immigration Changes – FMM, FM2, FM3 – Summary

FMM – standard tourist form required by all persons entering the country except the northern border zone.

FM2 – Resident visa leading to Mexican citizenship or permanent resident status.

FM3 – resident visa for people who want to live more than 180 days or work in Mexico

Regulations changed as of May 1, 2010. All visas must now be acquired in Mexico. The new rules state that you can no longer get a visa at a consulate. Some people have reported (August 2010) that some consulates still process visas but we should assume this is only during the transition. (January 2012 – that seems to have stopped although you can still get assistance at many consulates with your on line application)

The new visas are shown here with their old counterparts:

The application procedure starts here.

Other resources:

Regulations changed as of May 1, 2010. The regulations in Spanish dealing with all aspects of immigration can be read here.

There is substantial discussion about this on the Mexconnect Forum and on the Lonely Planet Forum.

There is a procedure for getting a permission of entry and exit while your paper work is being processed. It would be a good idea to avoid the necessity of doing that by planning to be in Mexico long enough for the process to be completed.

There is an excellent explanation of the process by the undisputed king of knowledge about living in Mexico, Rolly Brook.

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  3. Hi, I received 20 days on my FMT, I now decided I want to stay longer but am not allowed to extend my fmt because there’s less than 15 days left. I was told I had to leave the country and come back.
    If I overstay my 20 day FMT by 30 days will I get into trouble, could I claim I lost my fmt for the 450mxn. In playa and going to Belize is just a pain in the ass and will cost at least 100 bucks.
    HELP what to do?!

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  8. Hi,

    I have a FM3. I visited my home country and I need to go to Mexico. Am I be allowed to enter Mexico, around 5-7 days before the expiry on my FM3 card and renew it after entering?

    Please suggest.

    • As long as it has not expired definitely. Even if if it has expired a number of days you can still get in. I believe the number of days to renew is 60 but I could be off on that.

  9. I have a tourist visa since August 12,2013 for 120 days feb 2014 it would expire)
    I am going back to USA for 2 weeks nov 2013,and returning dec 2013 to mexico.

    Two questions:
    Do i give them my 180 day visa at customs?
    Will I get a new 180 day visa when i return (which im hoping for since i dont want to have to leave again in Febrary

  10. Hi,

    I’m an American living in México and I have a question about (expired) FM3. I’m flying to the US next week for a 6 day stay, does anybody know how much I should expect the fine to be? It’s been expired since June 7th, 2013.

    Thanks in advance,


    • I believe thats answered down below…no?

    • I am not sure about the fine but act quickly since if your visa is expired too long you will have to start all over again from outside the Mexico. You can always enter as a tourist but some say that will cancel you visa.

  11. I traveled to mexico city via juarez airport on june 9th and was issued a 7 day FMM. I returned on June 14th and forgot to stop and give back my visa. I am now getting ready to leave again next week. Wondering if anybody has ever had an issue like mine. I am worried they will not give me a new visa or let me fly.

  12. Hi ,

    I am currently in mexico and my visa expires on 31st july as in passport . I came to mexico on 20-Apr-2013.

    And in FMM it is mentioned as

    sello de entrada – 20- apr -2013
    Temporalidad – 180 days

    Is that legal to stay till October or should i leave the country on 31st July

    • Does your passport expire in July?

    • Hi Brindha,

      you got any reply from anyone? I am also in same situation, my visa expiring on 10th August 2015 and I entered Mexico on 27th July, and I got FFM stamped 180 days staying permission, please can you share your experience how you managed?


  13. I am currentlyin Mexico on a 6 month tourist visa will I be able to. Renew the visa for another 6 months?

    • No, You cannot renew a tourist visa. You must leave Mexico and then return. I once went to Belize and got my passport stamped and then issued a new tourist visa. It was quick. There is no time requirement to be out of the country, so just leave and come right back. The next time I flew to Orlando and came back in a couple of days, but if I had wanted to I could have returned the same day.

      • Tracy..i have a 6 month visa since leaving nov for florida and coming back dec.Will I get new 180 day tourist visa?

  14. We are currently in Durango City and our tourist visas will expire in November. Can we renew our visas and car permit/pass here in the city or do we have to travel back to the US border? Thanks

    • Hi Jessica I can’t answer your question but I was hoping you could help me .I also am here on a six months tourist visa that will expire on 19 of sept are you allowed another 6months visa
      Back to back?

      • Yes you can get a tourist visa for 6 months back to back but you must leave and return. You can go to any country and come back again.

  15. Hello everyone and Thank you for this site!

    Please does anyone know what to do when your tourist card had expired for example 3 months ago. I am currently in Mexico and need to get back to Canada. Totally irresponsible I know but how can this be fixed….anyone


  16. FMM Tourist “visa” question.

    I will leave Mexico before the permit expires and law says i have to turn in the card when i exit.

    The question: at the same time the current card is canceled will i be permitted to get another FMM? Is there a waiting period between FMM cancelation and issue of new permit?

    • My understanding is that there is no waiting period and no limit on how many times you can do it. At least not so far.

    • You turn in the card at the border, and when you cross back over you will be issued a new one for another 6 months. There is no waiting period.

  17. I have an expired fmm and would like to return to the united states from mexico. Does anyone know where to find out how much the fine will be?


      • I had the same problem, i overstayed my visitor visa. you can call the inm closest to you to find out the fine amount , yet sometimes they do not charge you as you are leaving the country

    • You can skip town pretty easily crossing the border. If you go by plane, that’s where you’ll have a problem.

  18. Hi,
    I’m planning to start a business with my Mexican friend. Before that we have to register a new company in Mexico.In order to be the 2nd partner of this company, The local lawyer told me, I have to stay in Mexico to apply FM3 for 4-6 weeks. Will it take so long?
    Since I’m working in USA (I have H1B visa here), and will rarely go to Mexico in the future. Is there anyone can advise it’s the only way to apply FM3 and really need to take 4-6 weeks ? or any convenient way to apply in USA first, then spend few days to acquire FM3 in INM office in Mexico?

  19. iam from nepal!! i now iam in mexico but befor 5 years ago i get mexican FM3 but now i dont have any doc. in mexico because i los all my doc so now i wanna my doc. again how can i get my doc..??

  20. I see that this thread has been going on for quite some time and thank you to all that have contributed. My questions is about obtaining an FM3 as a full-time traveling RVer. We will be crossing the border in a couple of months, and plan to stay well into a year or more. Therefore , we would like to apply for the no inmigrante (FM3), but will not have a “residential address”. Since we will be living in our RV and traversing the country. Any advice on how we can address this issue? We would like to get the process started at a local consulate in Texas, which is where we are now.

  21. Why does one need an fm2 or 3. We have lived here Ensanada off and on for about 5 years and have never been asked for one.

    We own a double wide on leased land that we bought without the 2 or 3.Will I be able to sell my trailer without a problem?

    • I live in Ensenada too :-) I have had 3 FMM’s but never asked for one except when opened bank account in Mexico. I traveled to La Huerta Jalisco with only a passport & stayed for 7 wks but was later told I was actually illegal :-(

  22. I have a question relating to giving up an fm3?
    I do not see any need to have one any longer, no car, no property.
    I wish to know upon leaving Mexico, although my fm3 expired on the 13th december 2011. I will be leaving in april back to Canada.. So i need to know if i will be apying a fine at the airport, since i have no fmm tourist card?
    Upon coming back i will just get a fmm tourist card and stay for 180 days.

  23. Hi, I’ve had my FM2 for 4 years. It expired in November 2010 before I could renew it for its 5th year. I was told that because this is the last year of my FM2 I had a 6 month lapse to renew it past the expiration date, without a fine. Can anyone confirm that it is the truth ’cause I’m having trouble to get the thing renewed at the immigration???? And if you have that info could you direct me to the link, Thanks!

  24. In 2007 my husband and I moved to Mexico and got FM3’s. I loved being there but living in Mexico did not appeal to my husband so we moved back to the US before our FM3’s expired. My last visit to Mexico I was via an FMM. Was I supposed to have relinquished my FM3 at some point? Who would I have given it to? Should I find a consulate and give it to them? Will I drop from their records after not renewing since an FM3 is only valid to renew for 5 years (initial plus 4 renewals)?

    • Since it has expired I think you do not need to do anything but if you would like to be really sure take it to the nearest consulate when you have a chance.

  25. hola soy residente de regimen comunitario en españa, necesito visa para visitar mexico, gracias

  26. Yvonne. I bet that would work. If you do it please ask them what are the implications of just doing nothing and let us now how it went.

  27. Hi, I’m kind of in the same boat as Alex. I did not return my FMM when I returned to the US. I live very far away from a Mexican Border. Can I return my FMM at a mexican consulate here in the US?

  28. Well, further to my starting my FM3 process at the Mexican Embassy in Vancouver all has gone so well. In Vancouver I provided my passport, 2 Canadian sized passport photos(no glasses or jewelry), a letter from my bank stating my income and $140 Cad. They finger printed me, took my photo both in profile and face on and told me to return in three business days. I did and they returned my passport with a hug diplomatic visa in it that included the two photos they took of me. This visa is valid for 6 months. They also gave me a very official receipt, telling me to take that to the Mexican immigration office too. They had no other instructions for me. I read Rolly Brook’s site and filled in and filed the basic immigration form as he suggests. This is very important. I kept the file number and printed the form,
    Once in Mexico I went to immigration with a letter from my landlord, the infantile photos in profile and face on, no jewelry, glasses or hair on face (not facial hair, bangs etc!) a photocopy of my entire passport although the officer only took the pages with the diplomatic visa and the main passport page, the receipt from the Mexican embassy and the entry visa into Mexico (very important) and a copy of the form I had filed with the file number. I was out of the office in 20 mins and had my FM3 in 4 working days
    No hassles at all. Judging by other folks around me who had to make repeated trips to immigration because they were missing something, I suggest starting the process in the Mexican embassy where you live. Seems to really simplify things.

  29. Unfortunately I let my FM3 expire and there was a fine but I did get my new one and will be more careful next time! I almost missed my airline flight but the man at immigration at the airport let me though, thankfully!

  30. Mary Jane you can show your expired FM3 to the immigration official when you enter the country and they will probably give you an FMM. Go the the INM office within 30 days and ask them what you need to do. I believe they will require you to get a new one but that is better for you anyway since after 5 years you would have to do that anyway. Please let us know what happens. No one is an expert on this yet but we can do a lot for each other by sharing while we figure out the new regs.

    Thanks Jaqui that is exactly the kind of info we need. Could you please also update us as you progress. I assume you will be entering on an FMM or will the stamp in your passport do it?

  31. I have an FM3 that was issued in May06. I did not know at the time it had to be renewed every year. Can it be renewed or do I have to start the process all over?

  32. Hi there
    I visited the Mexican Consulate here in Vancouver, BC on August 1. I was told that Aug 1 was the first day that Mexican consulates could not offer FM3 services BUT that I could do all the paper work here at the Mexican Consulate. They would process the paperwork, put a consular stamp in my passport to show Mexican immigration officials what I was doing and once in my chosen town, I would report to the required officials and get the new FM3. I would not be required to pay again and I would just need one photo to take with me as the consulate here would have used the other.
    The very charming woman in the consulate asked me to come back in a couple of weeks by which time they will have worked out all the glitches and would know exactly what to do!
    best Jacqui

  33. Hello,
    If one does not turn in our FMM visa at border (because you thought you would be back in 180 days) and you do not come back – is there a fine upon entering Mexico again? If yes, how much? Can you pay at a consulate in the US? Can you negotiate the fee?

    • Alex: I stand to be corrected but I believe the best thing is to have the FMM form with you next time you enter but fill out a new one and have it processed. The FMM is not for multiple entry and exit. If you present your old one I believe you would be in for some hassle because you were supposed to return it on exit. The reason I suggest having the old one with you is just in case they have started a computer system too keep track of them. I have not heard of that and it seems VERY unlikely. Please let us know how it goes…..Johan

    • Alex –
      I did the same thing as you.
      Have you been back since and what happened?
      Thank you.

      • Hi – same question: I did not turn in my FMM upon exiting Mexico, expecting that I could return within 180 days; but have not returned, and now it will expire shortly. Can I mail it to the consulate, or just turn it in late on my next entry?

  34. Thank you for all of your effort. As we are not fluent in your beautiful language we need all the help you can give us. Please keep up the good work that assists us all.

  35. Thanks Rick and welcome. You are quite right the FMM is not a visa but the other two I believe may be rightly called by that name. I will check a bit further and get the appropriate changes made. These are new pages and I need all the help I can get to make sure they are accurate.

  36. Hola Johan, I am not trying to get nit picky as a first time visitor to this beautiful site but I believe you should not call the FMM,FM2 and FM3 a visa, maybe a tourist card or tourist permit. this site:
    shows which citizens of different countries need a visa to visit Mexico, the citizens of the USA and Canada do not need visas to visit Mexico…just my dos centavos,Rick

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