Here are all your advertising options for the, and the Jalapeno forum.

If you want to advertise or renew on the directory or make changes to your advertising page Dalia will be happy to help you. Her email address is: You can also call her or use Whatsapp on 322-306-0302.

There are 5 main categories each with increasing exposure. There is a separate page of examples that should help you understand how it all works. Try this link: Advertising Examples.

Advertising Packages Pricing
Features Free Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
Price in pesos per year 0 700 MXN 1,500 MXN 2,500 MXN 5,000 MXN
Free webpage x x x x x
Unlimited use of events calendar x x x x x
Customer reviews x x x x x
Customer enquiries x x x x x
Review Star ranking on webpage x x x x x
Map location shows tiny medium large large large
Business categories listed in 1 2 3 4 10
Number of Images on webpage 5 10 20 20 20
Phone numbers 1 2 3 3 3
Bold Entry in directory listing x x x x
Review Star ranking in directory x x x x
Events on forum and front page x x x
Free Featured Events per month 2 4 8
Logo on Directory Listing     x x x
Included in Related Listings     x x x
Free Recurring Events 1 4
Featured listing       +$1,000 x
Link to your own website       x x
Banner on the Jalapeno blog Sidebar       x x
Banner on the Jalapeno forum Sidebar       x x

Additional notes:

Featured listings appear first where appropriate.

If no logo is entered then the first photo will be used instead so put your best photo first.

Webpages and listing never disappear unless you request it or your business is terminated or deemed inappropriate for our family oriented website 🙂 . If you stop paying for advertising your listing gets down graded to a free ad but the webpage remains accessible.

Events are shown on forum side bar, the Jalapeno blog and the news letter with the higher priced packages appearing first.

Categories must relate to the business. You cannot put a restaurant in the real estate section unless it is for sale regardless of how many categories your package allows.

Featured businesses appear randomly at the top of the right sidebar of the directory.

Change of Policy:

We reserve the right to change these policies.

Inappropriate Advertising:

We reserve the right to suspend any link to an inappropriate website or service.  For example if your website gets infected with a virus or starts to advertise inappropriate services or contains pornography we must protect the ranking of our website by suspending the link  to your site until it is repaired. We also do not link to sites that will in other ways diminish our website’s credibility.

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user image mario alberto

hi johan this is mario from avanti restaurant is there any way you can post an notice of the reopening of the restaurant ¡¡ if you do can the reopening will be october 29th and it will be serving lamb shank as the meat of the day , and full menu as well ,. please let me know what can you do for us , thanks mario …..

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