About Business Directory

This business directory was started as a basic phone book way back in 2011. Over the years we have added businesses that were recommended on the forum. As that simple phone book got more popular we redesigned it, named it the Jalapeno Directory and sold a bit of advertising on it.

The old system had many deficiencies which we hope have been corrected with the 2015 redesign. We also wanted to make our website calendar easier to uses and maintain.

The new design combines the calendar and the phone book into one system. It is intended to make it easier for you to find what you need and reduce our cost of maintaining the system. Users can now add businesses into the directory, review businesses and add events to the calendar. They can even add a complete webpage for a business at no cost, yes FREE.

With the new design we also wanted to provide better visibility for businesses that buy advertising. Although many of the features are free paying advertisers get more visibility.

The Jalapeno Forum and Front page news sites are not affected except they can now display events from the calendar in a more useful way. That feature should be available by mid December 2015.

So go ahead; find what you need, review your favorite businesses or suggest improvements to a business or the website; list your business. As soon as you register you have a credit limit of 10,000 pesos. So go ahead add your business now. Of course if you don’t pay up your listing will revert to a FREE listing.

The tabs at the top will get you to the type of business you are interested in.

If you are interested in advertising try this link: Advertising Options and Costs.

If you want to add your business go here: Add My Business It’s FREE.

If you want to add an event to the event calendar go here: Add My Event It’s FREE.

If you just want to know what we are all about: About Us

Why So Much FREE Stuff:

When I tell folks about the free website and the free events listing they often ask, “How do you make any money that way?”. And I usually repond with:

1. It’s not about the money. Since its inception the calendar was meant to be a useful tool for people to find what they need in our community. The more information in the directory the more useful it is to folks who use it.

2. Not everyone can afford to advertise so we support and promote our community with free listing. If a business stops paying for advertising their webpage remains on the directory so if people have bookmarked your information it is still there for them to access directly.

3. The objective is to cover some of the costs of developing and maintaining the Jalapeno Forum, Jaltemba Jalapeno News Blog and this directory. For the past 6 years that has consumed countless hours. We greatly appreciate the support our advertisers supply. A substantial part of it goes back to support the Community Center and other local projects.

So why pay for what is free to everyone else?

Although your webpage can be free the amount of exposure it gets is limited. Paid advertisers get exposure in various ways. Just like the yellow pages of old and even the yellow pages of today anyone who has a phone can get listed but the size of their listing depends on what they are willing to pay. Paying customers at the top levels get exposure on the blog, forum and in the directory. Free events appear in the listings but those of paid advertisers appear first and bigger. When someone searches for a particular business type the paid advertisers appear first. Paid advertisers get a bigger button on the maps. Featured advertisers appear on the main map whenever it is accessed.


The site offers reviews of businesses by logged in users. Anonymous users cannot review businesses i.e. they must supply name and email address. These are not censored except if it is obvious that someone is grinding an ax rather than being helpful we will delete the comment. Business owners can respond to the reviews but they cannot censor them. If they decide that they do not want to be included in the review process then we will disable it but we recommend that folks stay on the system and let the good outweigh the bad. A negative review can be an opportunity to clarify to the community what you are about and what you have improved. I know when I am looking at businesses that are reviewed I always read the negative ones first and if the business owner has made a decent case I appreciate that. For FREE businesses there is an administration fee for opting out of the review system. For paid advertisers it is just a button on your data entry screen.