Margrit Mondavi 1925 – 2016

Margrit official pic from winery 2

from Napa Valley Times


Margrit Mondavi has died at age 91 at her home in the Napa Valley, CA. A frequent visitor to La Penita where she stayed with her good friend and often companion/escort, Thomas Bartlett, Margrit raised over $6000 US to help fund scholarships through Los Amigos. Many residents, local, full time and visitors, will remember her not only for her charitable contributions to our area; but for her wit, charm, intelligence and joie de vivre.   A life well lived.  Please join us in offering condolences to her family and to her long time friend, Thomas.   Margrit’s Life here .

Thomas is quoted in the Napa Valley Times:  “. . .Her zest for life never waned. In my last conversation with her she said, ‘Thomas, if I could have one last wish, it would be to go one more time to your home in Mexico where we could paint and draw — and go out dancing, preferably to a Cuban band’. . .”

Margrit and book 235 x 235

Photo Joy Stone Emmanuel

Margrit at her book signing luncheon for Writers Who Love Mexico at Vista Guayabitos March 2013.

Margrit Mondavi Jim Evans Thomas Eddie Susan Me 3 19 13 a

Photo Joy Stone Emmanuel

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user image Deb

One evening we entertained Margrit at our home. She noticed my license plate sign that reads, “THE QUEEN DOESN’T COOK”, to which she responded, “Darling, the Queen doesn’t cook, the Queen reigns” … I had a new sign made immediatley. To this day those two signs hang over each other. Cheers to a gracious lady with a Devine sense of humor.

user image Helma M Stewart

A very gracious lady who never said no to helping Las Tres Amigas fund raising for scholarships.

user image Susan Cobb

Hmmm. I can’t post a picture as a comment! But picture this: Margrit and Larry Cobb returning from the dance floor. Larry sitting down by me and whispering in my ear….”I can’t keep up with her!”

user image Rick Helberg

I had the great fortune of meeting and having lunch with Margrit at the home of Thomas Bartlett a couple of years ago. As we talked, it was as if we’d been friends forever. She was a warm, gracious and intelligent woman, and will be joyfully remembered.

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