Ladies of the Morning ~ Unsung Beach Heroines

Every morning just after sunrise you can find these ladies, Karen, Annette, Judy, on the north beach in Guayabitos or along the estero beach near the Virgin of Guadalupe.  Each has gloves on, a garbage picker and a large garbage bag, and are happily chatting while they clean the beach.  Even though many have gone home, they feel it is important to keep the beach clean.  Most days, they each have two or more full bags!!

Every early morning during ‘season’ Lacy is walking her dog and keeping the beach clean.  Lacy also works tirelessly to insure the beach stays clean during Christmas and Semana Santa, a HUGE job!   She also works to have the beach clean for everyone when they arrive after summer.

Thank you ladies!!  Great work!


user image Carol P.

Perhaps a few trash barrels would help. It sometimes takes awhile, but people will use them eventually. Yes, I know, there would have to be someone to empty the barrels, but it could be arranged with some thought. Just a thought…..

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