Bridge of Life – Soil Sampling

This week at the Bridge of Life (Puente Colgante) which connects La Peñita and Guayabitos a truck moved in to drill for soil samples.

First on the La Peñita side

La Peñita Bridge of Life soil sampling

and then on the Guayabitos side.

Guayabitos Bridge of Life soil sampling

There have been all kinds of rumours swirling about the possible replacement or twinning of the bridge. It is feared that the new bridge could be capable of taking cars. It was not until the surveyors arrived in February that there was hard evidence of any plans. That prompted a discussion on the forum which you can read at this link: Bridge of life to be replaced with Car Bridge???

La Penita bridge of life surveyors

I have still not been able to find any concrete plans for the work. Local government maintains there is no money for a bridge. AND yet work continues???

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user image Susan Bretescher

If a bridge is nessecary why not build one along side of the highway connecting the service roads. That would keep the car traffic out of the residential areas

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