Happy Easter – 2016 – Crosses of Jaltemba Bay

From all of us at the Jaltemba Jalapeno Happy Easter to all our readers. Thank you to Ken and Bea for this timely perspective.

Miramos La Cruz — By Ken and Bea

Crosses of Jaltemba Bay

In 2016 Easter Holy Week (Semana Santa) is celebrated March 20-March 27 from Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) to Easter Sunday (Domingo de Pascua). Easter Week (Semana de Pascua) is the week afterward. Mexican schools are generally closed for the entire two-week period.

Good Friday (Viernes Santo) recalls the crucifixion of Christ. On this day there are solemn religious processions in which statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary are carried through town. Often the participants of these processions dress in costumes to evoke the time of Jesus.

The cross is a prominent focal point of the season’s observance. Sharing these photos of crosses in the Jaltemba Bay area seems timely.

Crosses of Jaltemba Bay Crosses of Jaltemba Bay

Fisherman’s Monument at the mouth of the Estero Zarco

From its high vantage point on the hill in Guayabitos, the Cerro de la Cruz which is lighted at night, is accessible through a gate located on the road behind the Decameron that goes up to Los Ayala. Unfortunately, there are many times the gate is locked. We have climbed the 224 steps many times–one can observe the stations of the cross. It seems that except for some pilgrimages at Easter, this Via Dolorosa (literally sorrowful road) is seldom used.

Crosses of Jaltemba Bay

The view from the top showcases the Guayabitos area and the ocean.The sunsets from here are spectacular. This is a local landmark that is little known.

Crosses of Jaltemba Bay Crosses of Jaltemba Bay

Spanish Lesson:

La Iglesia Católica Apostólica Romana es la iglesia católica de mayor número de creyentes en el mundo, los cuales están bajo la autoridad del Pápa. La semana santa, según la tradición de la Iglesia Católica Romana, comienza con el Domingo de Ramos, fecha en que Jesús entra a Jerusalén y es recibido con hojas de palmeras, y termina con el Sábado Santo. La Pascua comienza después del Sábado Santo. Las siguientes son las fechas del calendario gregoriano para el 2016.

El Domingo de Ramos cae el 20 de Marzo de 2016.

El Lunes Santo cae el 21 de Marzo de 2016.

El Martes Santo cae e 22 de Marzo de 2016.

El Miércoles Santo cae el 23 de Marzo de 2016.

El Jueves Santo cae el 24 de Marzo de 2016.

El Viernes Santo cae el 25 de Marzo de 2016.

El Sábado Santo cae el 26 de Marzo de 2016.

Thanks to http://www.vercalendario.info/es/cuando/semana-santa-mexico-2016.html for that Spanish text.


user image NormaLee Nelson

Because of the cross we can celebrate Resurrection Sunday!!! Thanks for sharing that reminder.

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