Storm Affect on Guayabitos and Los Ayala

Before heading north I took pictures of the beach in La Peñita and Guayabitos with the idea of doing an update on beach erosion on Jaltemba Bay. In La Peñita those pictures were made obsolete by last week’s storm.

I emailed Alicia to ask how the situation was in her area at the far south end of Guayabitos beach. She reported that they had no additional damage due to the storm saying,

“We are very well at this end of the beach or at least here with us 🙂
The Decameron had big waves and some of the palapas were destroyed…. but besides that no damage ……..the big waves from the storm… pushed some boats out of the water in Guayabitos.
In Los Ayalas…. the Party boat is brocken and on shore.. also 2 boats sank. “.

party boat Los AYala beached
Thanks to Jeffrey for posting that photo on the forum.

Alicia also said, …In my front beach…we are getting the level of sand back…… before we had one meter less sand…now is coming back… “.

She sent this photo which verifies that the photos I took a couple of weeks earlier were still fairly current for that area.

Guayabitos beach erosion

Some of you will remember enjoying a beer on the beach in front of Latitude 21 but a lot of beach has disappeared from there over the last year.

Guayabitos beach erosion in front of Latitude 21.

looking north from Alicia’s at high tide you can see the effect.

Guayabitos beach looking north

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user image Denise Moore

this was /is so sad for the local economy, and those home owners. We were there and watch the devastation that was unfolding hourly. Businesses that rely onthiss season struggled to maintain normalcy are to be commended. I have the greatest respect for the people of the area . We visitors have no idea of the daily hardships of the folks who live here and come to work with smiles. I so admire their strength and resilience, love of family and values. I love the honesty /the work ethic of these wonderful people. They have taught me so much and I am so grateful.

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