Here’s to Hala and Kinship

By Ken and Bea

Hala at Hamaca Maya

A surprise welcome-back party was staged as Hala closed shop on Saturday, March 5th,–her first day back. About 36 joined to celebrate her return with an impromptu pop-up sidewalk fiesta. Hala’s friends mingled as they enjoyed appetizers and cake.

Hlala and Tom Plattengerber at Hamaca Maya

Yes, she really was surprised!

Friends at Hamaca Maya Friends at Hamaca Maya Friends at Hamaca Maya Friends at Hamaca Maya Friends at Hamaca Maya

As most of you know, Hala’s return this year was delayed as she stayed with her father who was ill. Great news: he is doing much better, and she was able to come back to open her shop, Hala’s Hammocks, Hamaca Maya.

Don’t forget to visit her shop before you leave for the season. The hammocks are lovely, and she has all kinds of treasures, including Orlando vanilla.

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user image Hala

What an overwhelming surprise!!! Thank you all so much for this wonderful gesture of love and friendship. A special thanks to Marilyn, Tara, and Carole for making it happen, and of course to Ken and Bea for the kind words and visuals. My heart runneth over.

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