Rotarians Visit 20 November Secondary – Las Varas

Photos by Viky Robelo

Last week Rotarians from Berkley California visited our community.

Berkley Rotary at Xaltemba Restaurant

The visited several projects but top of the list was the secondary school 20 Noviembre in Las Varas.

Last year the school underwent a major renovation in the order of a million pesos using a Rotary grant spearheaded by Berkley with the assistance of our local Jaltemba Bay Rotary.

The project included a new culinary classroom

and a new computer facility

and other substantial improvement.

The grant was supported by 26 Rotary clubs from The US, Canada and Mexico. Plaques in the school commemorate the project.

Saturday night they got together at Xaltemba Restaurant for dinner.

It happened to be Greer’s birthday and he took the Mexican tradition of biting the cake in stride.

Berkley Rotary at Xaltemba Restaurant

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