Exciting Arte Project at Jaltemba Bay Community Center in La Penita

By Deborah Drew

Jaltemba Bay Community Center Art project

In addition to our Tuesday arte sessions that are typically based on reuse-reclaim-recycling projects, the La Penita Community Center (CCC) students will be putting together an “Exchange Book” for their new sister school in Massachusetts.

Last week, Kelley Joyce, the director of Jack N Jill Childcare in Quincy, Massachusetts, generously brought down an “exchange” book for our arte students. Kelley and her staff created a book that introduces their students to our CCC arte students. Here is an example of how the introduction went, written in both Spanish and English, it reads:

” Hola amigos de La Peñita Escuela : . . Vamos a la escuela a Jack N Jill en Quincy , Massachusetts , Estados Unidos Tenemos cuatro maestros, la señora María , la señora Joyce , Sra. Maureen y la Sra Felciia Nos estudiar matemáticas, historia , ciencia, escribir nuestros nombres, el alfabeto , y leer un montón de libros . Hablamos un poco de español . estamos encantados de saber acerca de su escuela! ”

“Hello friends of La Penita Escuela: We go to school at Jack N Jill in Quincy, Massachusetts, United States. We have four teachers, Mrs. Maria, Mrs. Joyce, Ms. Maureen and Ms. Felicia. We study math, history, science, writing our names, the alphabet, and we read a lot of books. We speak a little bit of Spanish. We are happy to know about your school!”

Here are a few pages from the Jack N Jill students’ book …

Jaltemba Bay Community Center Art project
Our School Exchange Book from Jack N Jill Students AND Jack N Jill students introduction

Jaltemba Bay Community Center Art project
Our classroom and our teachers at Jack N Jill AND Star Students at Jack and Jill

Jaltemba Bay Community Center Art project
Hola! Me llama Alyzza. Yo soy cinco anos. AND Alyzza’s Self Portrait

In addition to their fabulous introduction, the students stated their names, ages and drew a self portrait. As you can see from this one self-portrait, or now called, “selfies”, Jack N Jill has some very talented future artists.

They also introduced their City Hall in Quincy, and also gave our students a peek to Cape Cod.

Jaltemba Bay Community Center Art project

City Hall in Quincy, Massachusetts Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Last Tuesday, after introducing the concept to the arte students, we decided to create our own book which I will deliver back to Jack N Jill this summer. I promised Kelley that I would work with the Jack N Jill students to help create yet another book for the CCC students. In turn, I will bring that book back next season for next year’s CCC arte class, create, and repeat. Each book will delve deeper into each of the students interests and ideas through arte. I see this project becoming a long term opportunity creating lifelong friendships. To kick off our exchange book, we created our own “selfies” with Sharpies on painted rocks.

Please feel free to drop by the CCC and help with this fun and educational project. We meet every other Tuesday from 3 to 5, and our next project will be constructing arte from TP tubes. If you feel you have something you would like to contribute to this season’s book, please feel free to comment below.

Here are a few examples of the CCC students’ “selfies” along with their actual photos

Jaltemba Bay Community Center Art project
Fatima and her “Selfie” Rock.

Jaltemba Bay Community Center Art project
Angel and his “Selfie” Rock.

Jaltemba Bay Community Center Art project
Mauro and his “Selfie” Rock.

Jaltemba Bay Community Center Art project
Our Intern Evelyn and her “Selfie” Rock.

Jaltemba Bay Community Center Art project
Our leader, Viky and her “Selfie” Rock.


user image Susan Cobb

Yay!! La Penita rock stars! I am always in awe of what spins out of the creative vortex of La Drew. This is a terrific project. Thanks for not only having the concept, but carrying it through!

user image Jane

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user image Kelley Joyce

Making a connection with children around the world is extremely important.
Jack ‘n’ Jill is dedicated and enthusiastic about the progression of this exchange program.

Warmly, Kelley Joyce
Executive V.P. – Jack ‘n’ Jill Child Care Centers

user image Lacey

I have struggled with wondering if it was right or wrong for so3e&imet#82m0;and if there were acceptable occasions for it. In example: Husband is on a buisness trip and they have phone sex? Or Wife is on bed rest while pregnant and Husband needs release? If they are not thinking about other people, is it wrong? Just wondering what your thoughts were on this aspect of it. (There are some things you just don’t ask your parents…)

user image Ken

Promoting the combination of art and student learning promotes the “cultural” part of the Community Cultural Center (CCC). Many thanks to Deb and her creative energy for putting this together. I encourage other folks to lend their talents and skills in support of the CCC and its new working Board of Directors.

Ken Snyder
Board member

user image marion rogers

Viky’s selfie is a perfect image of her positive energy. El selfie de Viky es unimagen perfecto de su energia positiva.

user image john potwin

Your continuing interest in the local community and your very creative mind have made this area a better place.
Thank you!
John and Lynn

user image Rosalinda

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