Los Amigos de Jaltemba – Changing of the guard

Last night at the meeting of the Los Amigos membership an new executive committee was elected.

The new executive is:

Los Amigos de Jaltemba new executive

Isabel Moreno, Presidente
Viky Robelo,Directora Ejectiva
Adriana Hidrogo, Tesorera
Elisa Hidekel Cruz Blas, Secretaria
Mario Alberto Luna Zurita, Desarrollo de Recursos
Chantal Camire, Relaciones Publicas
Dalia A. Villarreal Luna, Miembros
Blanca Alicia Hernandez, Rep. De Becas
Gema Marquez (temp), Rep de Libros sobre Ruedas
Kenneth Snyder, Presidente Pasado
Emma Noriega Araiza, Miembro en general

There were about 30 members in attendance. 26 of them voted to approve the new executive.

Los Amigos de Jaltemba general meeting

The retiring board members were thanked by a number of people. Their hard work over the past 8 years was recognized and much appreciate.

Los Amigos de Jaltemba retiring board.

A big tip of the Jalapeno Sombrero to you all for your dedication to our community.


user image Coralee

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user image marion rogers

At last, LADJ is being lead by Mexicans; thanks to all the NOTB executive who put in countless hours in the past to establish this wonderful group.

user image France Desrochers

Thank you so much for all your great work too all those volunteers to make La Penita a great place to live.
You have all my admiration, and good luck to the new executive.

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