Classical Music in Guayabitos Plaza

By Ken and Bea

Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza

A huge crowd of enthusiastic concert goers were over the moon and under the stars as they enjoyed an evening of classical music.

Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza

The MC engaged the crowd with waves and synchronized clapping, and had a great rapport with the audience. He introduced the artists in Spanish, English and French (and some faux Chinese).

Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza

A keen group of eight young artists from Juan Escutia Primera school in La Peñita delighted the audience with their renditions of several songs.

Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza

Secondly, the Orquesta de Cámara de Nayarit Manuel Uribe, a string group performed some of the biggest classic songs. As the strains of classical music wafted through the night air, the audience was spellbound. Truly a classical music lover’s delight!

Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza

Front and Centre Stage were the beloved Hermanos Aquascalientes, brothers Daniel and Josè Luis, and their international violins, one of the best in the Republic. They have a 35-year successful artistic career, and their rich repertoire includes popular music from different parts of the world. They are natives of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. We have heard them three times.

Their accompanists are Juan Torres and his melodic organ, Carlos Ortiz on the bass guitar and Sergio Rojas, the soulful guitarist.

Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza

The Aguascalientes Brothers and their International Violins charmed the crowd with their animated performance and interaction with the audience.

Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza

Grand Finale

Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza

I’m sure we speak for the audience in saying “Come back next year”.

Editor’s Note:

I estimated the crowd a well over 1,000 maybe as many as 1,500.

Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza

There were 750 seats plus those folks who brought their own and many were standing.

Classical Music Guayabitos Plaza

The performance was absolutely EXCELLENT!!!! Thanks for bringing it to life on this page Ken and Bea.

You have only one more opportunity to take in this free event on Saturday February 27th.


user image Carl Rogers

Wonderful evening with sound levels that could be enjoyed. The versatility of their violins was a joy to behold. Is it possible to purchase their CD’s locally?

user image marion rogers

it was simply wonderful. couldn’t wait to get home and dig out the cds we bought last year. if you wonder how well known they are… check youtube.

user image Eagle

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‘Want waar vind je nog…’ etcetera. Dit zegt meer over onze recenserende lector Crossmediale Journalistiek, dan over de praktijk. En voor zover het iets over de praktijk zegt: mogen wij journalisten dan asjeblieft, net als Van Dijk, weer een contract voor onbepaalde tijd, tegen fatsoenlijke betaling, met arneedsongeschiktheidsverzekiribg en zicht op een pensioen? Dankuwel.Groeten van een journalist.

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