Guayabitos Plaza – Ya Mero

Okay so I guess it is also your Spanish lesson (see below). The Guayabitos Plaza renovations are just about complete.

Guayabitos Plaza Renovations

On Saturday they were working away on the gazebo.

Guayabitos Plaza Renovations

It looks like a three column decorative element will grace the north entrance:

Guayabitos Plaza Renovations

The bathrooms still not complete but looking lovely:

Guayabitos Plaza Renovations

The new sidewalk looks great:

Guayabitos Plaza Renovations

Spanish Lesson:

I fist encountered the phrase “Ya merito?” in the first Shrek movie as the Burrow drives Fiona and Shrek crazy with his constant chatter and asking “Are we there yet?”. Hence the plaza is “ya mero”.

My dictionary says:

Ya mero/ya merito – not quite yet – but as a question it also takes on the above meaning
and also
mero – grouper (the fish)
mero – pure, simple, mere

I have also heard the most high (folks) referred to as the “los mero meros” so sometimes the local usage means – ultimate.

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