Happy Valentines Day from Jaltemba Bay

Valentines Day on Jaltemba Bay is colourful to be sure.

Valentines Day in Guayabitos vendor

This little Valentines Day street vendor in Guayabitos was just one of many sprouting up all around Jaltemba Bay as folks sought out that perfect gift for their loved ones.

Valentines Day in Guayabitos vendor Valentines Day in Guayabitos vendor

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user image Judith Dutton

How different it is here from back home in Calgary, where we are already being inundated with Valentine’s Day things immediately after Christmas! By February 1st, every store is full of thousands of Valentine’s Day things, restaurants are fully booked, card selection is becoming limited and you are made to feel like a cheapskate if you don’t spend over $100. Life here is much more in-the-moment.

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