Scott Webb – CDs Released

Editors Note:

A number of folks have asked about the release party. With our apologies here it is – better late than never :). We definitely LOVE to promote local artists.

By Scott Webb

Scott Webb

Scott Webb’s CD release party was on Wed. the 28th of Jan., at Xaltemba restaurant in La Penita, a good time was had by all who attended, we had good food , dancing, a few giveaways on trivia questions, and, of course, many drinks were consumed.

Scott Webb at Xaltemba Restaurant and Galeria

The CDs are the result of many months of hard work, considering that I’m a one – man shop here, and I would so much rather make my own background music than use the readily available commercial tracks. This makes the project a much more organic and honest presentation of my specific musical intentions than if I were to just put down leads and leave it at that. This is also a key difference between my recordings and big – time stars’ albums where there’s an entire team of people working on the music, from ghost – writers and arrangers, musical director and session musicians, engineers and producers, to front – office people like agency people, management, lawyers and record company people.

Sometimes the only thing that’s actually done by the star is the vocal track. Nothing wrong with that of course, if you’re fortunate enough to be in that position, but that’s why this is a different thing. Also, these are all cover tunes, something everyone’s heard before, which I’ve done without permission from the publishers, so this is a bit of a renegade enterprise. I have no intention of marketing these in the U.S. or Canada, so I figure I’ll get away with it.

So to anyone interested in a little locally produced music – pirate style – or just a souvenir from the season here, or even a gift for friends and family, kick back and crack open a cold one, put one of these discs on the box and enjoy!

Scott Webb “Quiet Nights” is all instrumental bossa nova music in the style of Stan Getz, etc.

Scott Webb “Escalator” is a mixture of styles – with vocals – rock, jazz, blues, and a reggae tune, too.

As always, my thanks go out to all my friends and family, and those who have supported me through everything I’ve had to deal with to get to this point. You know who you are.

My work schedule is as follows: Mondays – El Rodeo;

Scott Webb at El Rodeo

Tuesdays – Tiki’s (with the Rhythm Roosters); Wednesdays – Xaltemba;
Thursdays – Villanueva (with L.A. Connection); Saturdays – Xaltemba

I hope to see you all at any of these fine establishments, and if you wish to purchase a CD or two, come up to the bandstand and say hello. I’m charging $200 pesos for either one, or $300 pesos for the pair.

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user image Sandra

I will come by Saturday to Xaltemba and purchase both for pesos 300.
Thank you. Sandra

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