Bridge of Life – La Penita Improvements

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due – Bridge of Life Access Improvements – La Peñita side

By Ken and Bea

Bridge of Life La Penita side

Hometown couple, Frank and Lupita Tapia invested in a personal project at the Bridge of Life, la Peñita side. They are owners of a successful reinforcing steel business, Tap Ram Reinforcing INC. (TRR) in Norwalk, California.

Frank and Lupita Tapia

Frank, Lupita and Frankie

Perhaps you have not noticed the inlaid tiles at the top step spelling “TAP-RAM.” The Tap is for Tapia and the Ram for Lupita’s maiden name “Ramirez.” Many may not be aware that they had workers build these concrete steps a few years ago.

tiles at bridge of life

Frank and Lupita and their children Frankie and Brianna have a vacation home on Bahia de Banderas surrounded by other family members at the Bridge of Life.

The project was launched January 2 with the delivery of a truckload of rocks and sand.

materials workers at bridge of life

January 4, the backhoe arrived to excavate and the improvements began as workers laid cobblestones in the muddy area of the street around the bridge approach.

January 5, before sunrise the “stone crew” arrived with wheelbarrows, shovels, hammers and lots of energy. Each stone was individually placed and laid to form the cobblestone street–dry stone wall building is one of my passions and so I could hardly keep myself from helping.

laying cobble stones worker

Concrete was spread over the cobblestones. In one day, the new surface was completed. The family sprayed the new concrete with water as it “cured.” Every day the family members sweep and clean the street and sidewalks.

measuring for the hand rail

A few weeks later the welders installed the hand rail on the steps. We have overheard many comments such as “bueno” especially from the elderly. I heard a little girl walking by who said to her mother “I want to use the steps.”

Just yesterday Gabriel, a family relative painted the railing. Little Valeria kept him company, greeting all the bridge users with a hearty “Hola” as only she can do.

On market day Thursdays the bridge is particularly busy approaching 1,000 users before noon.

Bridge Traffic Count
Thursday, January 28, 2016
Time Bicycles Motorcycles Dogs Stairs Ramp
6:00-7:00 25 1 0 28 33
7:00-8:00 57 0 5 70 60
8:00-9:00 23 1 6 96 61
9:00-10:00 30 1 3 200 171
Total 135 3 14 394 325
Grand Total 871

Broad Spectrum of Bridge Users

school children using the bridge of life

School children

tourists use bridge of life
Tourists on their way to Tianguis

beach vendors

Beach vendors with cocadas

passeres by

We are grateful for the way Frank and Lupita have given to our community. Please add your comments and thanks in the comment section below this article as they will be reading the forum from their home in California.

The “Bridge of Life” or “El Puente Colgante” as it’s referred to by locals has been a fixture connecting the Guayabitos Avenida Sol Nuevo and the Calle Bahia de Banderas on the La Peñita side of the estuary. The bridge was constructed in 2003 by generous and visionary members of the American and Canadian community. The Homeowners’ Association took the lead on the bridge-building project. Since then, bridge repair and maintenance has been an ongoing community effort. An independent group of individuals and concerned citizens from both Guayabitos and La Peñita, does what it can to keep the bridge safe and operational.


user image France Desrochers

Thank you for the beautiful work done for the community, we need more people like you in the world. Muchas gracias!!

user image Ken

And, a hearty “muchisimas gracias” to Frank and Lupita. This is what good citizenship looks like.

user image Keith hancock

Corazones buenos hacen cosas buenas! Todas las bendiciones a todos los que hicieron esto …

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