Swimming Accident Victim – Update

By Barbara Shaw

See this link for the original article by Barbara: Guayabitos Swimming Accident Victim Seeks Witnesses

Dennis Bauer (79), hit by a boat while swimming off Guayabitos January 15, is healing from grave injuries including deep propeller cuts to back, ribs and leg. He credits local Dr. Renteria and Dr. Rodriguez, the surgeon at Amerimed in Puerto Vallarta, with saving his life. At last report, he and his wife Margarita were facing huge medical bills.

“My wife confronted the police chief,” says Bauer, retired from the US Air Force. “They had photos of my injuries. They found the man Marcos. He hit me and then got two other guys to get me into a smaller boat and out onto the beach. They saved me. He panicked and ran. But men sitting in the nearby cafe Villa Nueva, where I always park my bicycle, they witnessed it all, they knew everything.”

In a conversation with Cano, president of the local boatmen’s co-op, a defender of Dennis’ discussed the matter and presented the idea that the victim simply wanted justice,to get help with the bills, that both swimmer and boatman had made serious mistakes. “Later, Cano and his associates came to our condo,” Dennis says. “They had Margarita talk with Vivien, their attorney, who then made an offer that we accepted. They were very good about the settlement which paid more of my bills.” The money came not from insurance but a private fund.

It’s still going to mean ongoing expenses for the Bauers. Dennis says, “I feel pretty good. My ribs are sore and we still have to pay for the anesthesia and the medical lab, but the internist and surgeon have been paid.” Two weeks after the accident, his dizzy spells have ended and Dennis took a walk.

Margarita says, “He wants to ride his motorcycle and his bike, but I say no. He has to rest and relax, and stick to a strict, high iron diet after all the blood lost.”

Local officials were not available for comment.

Guayabitos Beach accident


user image Nancy

I live on the beach and watch the reckless way the boats come in to the shore. Boat lanes are ignored by swimmers so boaters and swimmers are using the same space. I have held my breath many times as the propellers of the boats seem to come way too close to swimmers.
When I go swimming i always go before 9am because I feel that I have to go before the boats are out. I am never certain that they see me in the water.
Since Dennis’s accident i have noticed a lot better situation however I am not sure if that is because there aren’t as many banana riders right now or if the boat cartel is being more careful. They have been loading the bananna on shore and dragging it by hand out into the water to connect to the boat. It is a more labor intensive way of doing things than the old, more dangerous way. I am truly hoping that the boats are going to be more careful.
I saw Dennis yesterday. He looks good and is recovering well. Swimming and his wonderful outlook on life are the things that have made him the strong man who was able to survive a very terrible accident.

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