Nature’s Bounty on Jaltemba Bay

By Ken and Bea

shaving brush flower in La Penita

Many of you have asked when we would post some of our flora and fauna photos again.

This season there are a noticeably lower number of birds and butterflies.

The White- tipped Pixie butterfly (sometimes called the white-rayed Pixie) was photographed on our walk up to Oceano Atlantico. Can anyone identify the flower (or weed) the butterfly is feeding on?

White Tipped Pixie butterfly

The Red-bordered Pixie butterfly was seen in the valley.

Red-bordered Pixie butterfly

The Malachite Butterfly posed for us on our walk up to Oceano Atlantico.

Malachite Butterflyg

The Yellow-crowned Night Heron is always a photogenic species.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

The Golden-cheeked Woodpecker is a regular visitor to our courtyard feeders.

Golden-cheeked Woodpecker

The vibrant blossoms of the African tulip tree (also known as the Flame Tree) are just coming into bloom and are the Streak-backed Orioles source of nectar-their morning “java.”

blossoms of the African tulip

This Clavellina tree (nicknamed Shaving brush tree for obvious reasons) was flowering. The white Shaving brush tree blossoms are less common.

Clavellina blossom

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