ROCK ROLL 2016 – February 9th – La Peñita

By Gail Gafuik


Tuesday, February 9 at Zapata 32 in beautiful downtown La Peñita.

It’s that time again! Yes, the 50s – 60’s Rock ‘n Roll dance is coming. Time for us to slip back a few decades and relive our youth. To remember when Elvis was the reigning king and transistor radios were all the rage. The average yearly salary was around $3,000, and only the a few families owned a color TV. Women walked around in poodle skirts with bobby socks and saddle shoes, and men wore tight, cuffed jeans with white t-shirts (and a pack of cigarettes usually rolled in the sleeve). American Bandstand and Dick Clark introduced the coolest dances with the newest music, while everyone was watching James Dean at the drive-in movies. Father knew best and everyone loved Lucy.
So swivel those hips, grease back that hair,

male dancers

and get ready to celebrate with the music we all still love and gets us hopping.


Let’s dance the night away.

Tickets $250 pesos includes dinner and dance
Dance contest, best costumes, 50/50 and more.

Available from the Los Amigos Booth at the La Penita Thursday Market or look for the Pink Cadillac booth. It look like this:

pinkl cadillas la Penita Tianguis

Tickets are also available from Gail at 327-274-3592 or
Mary at 327-274-1362 or

From Jeannie at Hidden Paradise Realty


All proceeds go to support activities at the Community Cultural Center.

Editor’s Note:

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three women

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