Tercera Edad – Honours Cancer de Mama

By Ken and Bea


Wednesday was a special appreciation evening for the “Cancer de Mama” organizers and volunteers. This year the “Cancer de Mama” clinic will be held at the Club de la Tercera Edad in La Peñita the first week of February instead of at the usual venue at the RV park.

The seniors served pozole, tamales and tostadas to about 40 visitors.


The seniors performed several traditional dances, Lupita and Felipe performed the Jalisco Hat Dance, Victoria played a harmonica solo, and a teenager gave an eloquent speech in Spanish.

Saul Duran

Saul Duran, Assistant director of the seniors’ center and municipal Regidor for La Peñita was the MC.

Felipe, one of the only seniors who speaks English, was the translator for the evening.


Traditional Dance of Jalisco:

traditional dance of Jalisco traditional dance of Jalisco

Traditional Dance of Michoacán: Danza des los viejitos (Dance of the little old men)

Traditional Dance of Michoacán

We were graced by the presence of this year’s Queen and Princesses.

queen of the tercera edad

The seniors, who gather every Wednesday from about 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM are enjoying their golden years. The Club de la Tercera Edad is located on Bahia de Guaymas between Crisanto Jacobo and Laureles y Gongora in La Peñita. Lupita is the activities director assisted by Saul Duran who is also the municipal Regidor for La Peñita. Felipe invited visitors to join the seniors in their weekly get-together.

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