Why I love Mexico – Again and Again

By Alan Armstrong

We were on our honeymoon, back in the 80’s, on a day trip out of Puerto Vallarta, looking for a quiet little town up the coast to hang-out for a month and we ‘discovered’ Bucerias. Then it was truly a good drive from the city and had everything we wanted.

I’d been to Mexico several times, but never this far south on the west coast. Our search for a cheap hotel was short as we found a charming little 9 room place that was in dire need of customers. We struck a deal at $50.00 a month and moved in.

An added bonus was that the hotel came with 4 very friendly ladies that couldn’t do enough for us.

As day or so passed and my wife commented that Sylvia, Diana and the other gals sure were popular. They seemed to have cousins, brothers and the like, dropping-in at all hours for rather brief visits.
It was about 2 days latter that the light bulb finally came on and….yes! We’d rented a room in a whorehouse!

We did quick math and considering how sweet the girls were and…..$50.00 A MONTH!…what a month!

On about day 5 while trying to dig a hole to hang a hammock, with only a stick, I was approached by a cute little kid from across the road. He had a broken shovel in his hand and offered it to me. No handle. Only 1/2 of a scoop, but better than the stick I was using. In no time, well, an hour, I had my hammock up and a new friend.

kid with broom horse

Over the next weeks we befriended Oswaldo’s family of 6 (then) and they were a part of our daily lives. We ate, danced, shared, laughed and lived with this family and developed a special bond that would grow and continues to grow to this day.

Upon our return to Canada we started proceedings to bring one of the boys to Canada. Back then computers were not the thing, so you can only imagine the work needed on the phone and fax. Canadian Embassy. Mexican Embassy. Heath certificates. Letter of guardianship. On and on it went but finally Juan Oregon Gonzales popped off the plane in Calgary and a new chapter in our lives began.

Juan stayed a couple of years doing all things Canadian, while being reminded all the time the importance of being a proud Mexican.

That was just a start. After Juan returned to Mexico we brought his brother Franky to Canada.

Seems like yesterday. What is real is this wonderful relationship we have with this terrific family.
And tht is ‘Why I love Mexico’.

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