The Five Hundred Club – Supports CCC

By Barbara Shaw

A very special insiders’ club is growing daily here on the coast of Nayarit and you are invited to become a charter member. It’s all part of a group of fundraising activities this season to support the hugely popular and entirely generous work of the Community Cultural Center, in La Peñita. See my earlier article here: Fun at CCC.


Peter Steiner, a retired Vancouver Island dentist who’s been wintering here for 13 years, is the idea man behind a cute billed cap that announces that the wearer has contributed to the expansion of the Center and its amazing work.  Only five hundred will be produced, in both men’s and women’s styles and in a variety of colors. Each will have a number. Of course, a low number means you heard about it first and jumped right in before the late-comers caught on. It’s not quite as exciting as a new tech stock IPO, but in the same category of opportunities to get in early and feel good about it.

Peter Steiner   

Steiner says, “The reason for the numbers is there’s no possibility of a counterfeit or knock off. It’s the genuine article and sells for just 500 pesos, all of which goes to the programs.”

Steiner started this project out of his own pocket with all profits to the center.  He produced the first caps in mid-December and, before Christmas, sales had generated 4000 pesos in short order.  Caps are non-fade cotton. They are produced to order at a high quality machine embroidery shop in Guayabitos. 

Fundraising for a good cause is nothing new to the Hungarian-born Steiner, who speaks six languages.  His real passion is coaching soccer. “I’m an amateur coach. My son is a pro coach with the Canadian National B License. He coaches the Saanich Fusion, Vancouver Island champions in 2012, 2013 and 2014.”  Raising funds was important to allow Steiner’s amateur teams to travel off island, so Steiner had to get creative. He did a very successful sweat top project back in the 80s and made an excellent return for his team. You can help him do the same for the Community Center team now.

To purchase your own numbered cap, contact 
Peter Steiner  
or Center director Ken Snyder

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