Jalapeno Changes – Now Mobile Friendly

You will notice that the format of the JaltembaJalapeno.com has changed slightly. The reason for the changes is to make it mobile friendly i.e. work better on your smart phones and tablets.

mobile view

It is a substantial change so there will be a number of bugs still to be ironed out but we needed to start somewhere. Almost half of our visitors now use hand held devices. 13% try to use their smart phones. We know they get frustrated because our statistics tell us they leave more quickly, reading less than half as many pages as other users. So with apologies to those folks here’s hoping you have a better experience with us in the future.

JaltembaDirectory.com now also uses the same website. That means one user Id works for both the directory and the blog. Unfortunately the Forum is still a separate system and requires it’s own user Id.

With apologies to folks who do not like change of any kind here’s hoping you can still find your way around. If you have problems or see bugs please tell Johan by email to sunwatts@gmail.com or comment below.

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