La Penita Malecon Update – WOW!!!

The Malecon in La Peñita gets it’s finally spit and polish but people are not waiting for that. It is already a popular spot to hang out.

stroller people

It has also brought upgrades to a number of properties in the area.

construction new house

Also Las Brisas is building a second storey and Rincon del Arabe renovated and moved to their new location in anticipation of the improvements we now see.

The result looks quite delightful. So many benches:

roberto benches

Those yellow curbs and red sidewalks are quite striking:


It really is a delight to see it already in use:

people on the malecon eddie

Thanks to our Facebook friends for supplying the photos including el Rodeo and Chantal.

It was about 7 months ago (January 5th) that we were all surprised to see this big hole kick off the project.

hole in the ground


user image Cordelia

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user image BARB HIGGINS

hi can’t wait to get back to my casa right in front of the malacon… it looks grand… my house is the one with lime green trim across the bottom… next to Tikis restaurant… I will be there the 15th of Nov…. can’t wait to see my doggie Capisha…and all you fols as well!!!!

user image Lucinda

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user image guy brisebois

wow j.’ai hate de voir cela en novembre sera mon endroit pour mes couchers de soleil .. assis tranquille à relaxer .. sorry but my english is not very good

user image guadalupe mendez and juan franco

all it needs is a lot trash cans hope will be heavy so , no body will mix placed , as a personal item….

user image Sandy & Bill from Langley BC

Fabulous! We saw the beginning & we are delighted to see the wonderful malecon.
Thank to all the workers for making it come to life. A wonderful job well done. Can’t wait to be walking along it come January!

user image Dee & Tom

We will be strolling with you ( Carole ) & Owen this winter..
Get asset to La Penita…for so many to enjoy…
Way to go…

user image Micheline Gagnon et Raymond Nault

J’aime beaucoup ! C’est magnifique ! Nous avons hâte de voir ca cet hiver …..Bravo !

user image Carole

The new malecon looks beautiful and we can’t wait to stroll on it this coming winter! Good job amigos!

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