Webcam goes live on La Peñita North Beach

We now have a webcam on La Peñita’s north beach looking out at the island. The camera records an image every two minutes and keeps the last 48 hours except night time shots.

This is how it recorded last night’s cloudy sunset.


And the night before.


You can see the most recent image taken on the forum here: Webcam latest image La Peñita North Beach

If you want to browse through the photos from the last 48 hours you can do that here: Webcam browser La Peñita North Beach

If the technical details interest you there is a post on the forum about that too: Monitoring the homestead while in Mexico

Here is the most recent image saved by activity on the forum.


If no one has visited the webcam recently the image may be not quite current.


Spanish Lesson:

la foto – hard to remember that it is feminine unless yo remember that it is an abbreviation for fotografia.
la camera – the camera
tomar – to take as in take a photo
grabar – record as in record a video but also etch and carve
grabar en la mente – etch in your mind, fix in your mind


user image Gabriel Zaragoza

hi, your webcam is offline, not even in vacation, I am fanatic of the image, please fix it, ty.

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user image Jane Hill

What a wonderful addition . . . Now we can watch the sunset even though we aren’t there!
Thank you!!

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