Angelita’s – My Favourite Las Varas Restaurant

Angelita Restaurant in Las Varas just happens to be one of my favorite out of town restaurant.

store front

I judge a Mexican restaurant by the condiments and Angelita’s does that up in style even delivering a couple of slices of cheese (panela) with the chips (totopes) and salsa.


The restaurant is clean and airy.


Much of the cooking used to be done almost in the street in the entryway to the restaurant. The recent renovation moved that all inside losing a bit of the charm it used to have. A lot of it is still done in plain view including the grill and hand made tortillas.

making tortillas

Their specialty is Birria de res (beef stew) so I had a small bowl of that. I wonder what the big bowl would be like. It was delicious!


The serving of carne asada (beef steak) was huge. Grilled onions, sweet and juicy, and jalapeños accompanied the meals.

beef steak

Look for this sign on the street

street sign

or the store front above on Avenida Mexico Sur at #26, the street on which the main plaza is also located, a couple of blocks from Revolución on the west side.

map of las varas, nayarit business card


user image Susan Cobb

Good to know about this place, Johan. We’ll check it out when I come back and go up to get my IMSS card. Yeah, I KNOW!!! I should have had it already!

user image Ken

Angelita possibly makes the best birria on the planet, as well as, outstanding aguas frescas…especially tamarindo!

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