Guayabitos Volkswagen Festival 2012 – Vochomania

The annual Volkswagen Festival in Rincon de Guayabitos, Nayarit was another success if one can measure that by number of attendees. Crowds and cars were everywhere.

Photos thanks to Alexander.

mirror car

As we returned a friend to Guayabitos late Saturday night traffic on Sol Nuevo was moving at a snail’s pace as a decidedly young crowd partied in the streets. On Sunday the plaza

plaza blue car in plaza

and adjoining streets were packed with Volkswagens and people.

street view street cars little guy in cooler

There were clubs from all over Mexico.


A number of vehicles featured easy access to refreshments.

beer truck hat

Sound systems were on display too. This one looked like it could really belt out a tune.


This year there seemed to be a larger number of those fancy door mounts.

green car flying doors white car pink car

Spanish Lesson:

Vocho – Volkswagen
Vochomania – accent the “i” and you have the way the event is referred to locally.

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