Cormorants Hunt Sardines on North Beach La Peñita

Cormorants, frigate birds and herrons were hunting sardines on La Peñita’s north beach yesterday.

It happens occasionally that a school of sardines come close to shore showing up as a dark cloud. It make for an interesting show.

cormorant on the cloud

They occasionally boiling to the surface as they are attacked from below by a variety of predators.

cloud of sardine

The cormorants were the first to arrive on the scene.

cormorants flying in

They would dive down and come up with a good sized catch,

four birds

throw it in the air a few times to get it oriented properly to swallow.

swallowing a fish

That caused the occasional conflict even though there was no shortage of food.

birds fighting

In the face of the waves the cormorants could be scene chasing their prey.

swimming birds

It was more than a little poetic and I thought it could have been put to some interesting music but I am not that artistic.

Frigate birds also came to lunch.

frigate birds

These two were waiting for the little guys to wash up on shore


which did occasionally happen.

sardine on beach

This young fellow was quite taken with the stranded sardine and got a bit wet.

little person running

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